The Masterpiece

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I started out on this piece of fiction, a long time back, so much so, that I had lost track of the original plot, when I sat down to continue this. Continue all of a sudden? The inspiration for that, comes from a lot of fiction that I've been reading on various blogs, of late. The earlier parts have not been commented upon much, given the trickle of readers iNFINITY attracted back then. So, if you read, please read it from the very beginning, and as you go along... do make it a point to reflect back, on how you felt about it.

The Masterpiece - Part I
The Masterpiece - Part II
The Masterpiece - Part III

continued from Part III...

Abhay woke up, in what looked like a beautifully designed IT park, one of the numerous designs by his own team, that he had been a part of, as an architect. Only, it seemed like the Sports Meet from school, with everyone, in white. But their silhouettes made it seem far from an aerobics drill, with flowing robes and gowns substituting for shorts and T-shirts.

And then, he realised to his astonishment that he had been observing up until now from a distance, more of a spectator than a part, of the crowd. And just as he decided to join the festive atmosphere, where it seemed everybody was having the time of their lives, he a heard music... a familiar tune.

By the time he walked closer to what looked liked 'spirits in white', he saw them all swaying, to the Guns and Roses rendition of 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'. Ah! what a beautiful melody. For long, he had tried perfecting the strumming pattern on his acoustic guitar, before giving up on sheer frustration and giving in to the sheer brilliance of one of his best loved songs.

"Wait! Why this very song in such peculiar circumstances at this particular moment?" And as he looked around for clues, he saw beneath his feet, to his horror that he was floating. There wasn't the slightest hint of gravel or concrete, just clouds.

"Clouds! So I'm not even alive anymore. Oh my God! That can't be it... I thought I would live more, at least till I had my masterpiece ready. No ways!"

"Anybody there? I suppose you got the wrong guy! I wasn't up for the stakes yet. I've got work to do. There are meetings to attend and buildings to design. Plus I do charity. Lots of it! You could see my account statements. Here... "

And as he felt around for his pocket, he realised he had none. He was wearing the same white robe as the others that he could see around him and there was no sign of his designer jeans or the Armani wallet and the HTC Touch. Two of his prized possessions.

"Great! You've already robbed me of everything I had. But I can assure you, you got the wrong person... I have unfinished business down there... stuff to do. You hear me? You got the wrong person delivered..."

"Every new guest of ours, feels the same way... but they get used to it over time. So will you, don't you worry.",said a voice from behind, with a slight pat of his back.

"Who are you? And I'm not your guest sir. I never signed up for a holiday in recent days, if I remember well."

"You needn't sign up for this particular holiday package son. Everyone gets to have it, when it's due." said the simple and on the outset, friendly looking, fifty-something gentleman as he turned towards him. "Welcome, to Heaven! By the way, I'm Sabhya, your guardian angel."

To be continued....

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6 reflected back...:

update it soon dude.....I'm waiting for it

'll do it soon man... was busy with a few things academic. Thanks for reading :)

aww..i love the concept of guardian angels...

@ perturbed perceiver :
... but we don't always have one around when we need them the most... do we?

have u read a famous write-up called 'FOOTPRINTS'? it says when u dont find God's footprints beside u when u think u need Him the most,its then that He carried u!:)

@ perturbed perceiver:
I don't remember the whole write-up, but yes, I do remember the particular phrase that you quoted, and all I can say is that, all of us are not fortunate enough to feel and experience the 'omnipresent abstract' all the time, some of us need to be shown once and the others... well they need to be reminded time and again... but then., God has His own curious ways... :)

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