The Masterpiece

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...continued from Part IV 

"Oh great! Now I get to have a protector when I'm all but finished for good." said a frustrated looking Abhay.

"Who said you were finished and done with? It's time to begin your trial." replied Sabhya, his new found and rather unwelcome 'guardian angel'.

"A what? You don't really mean to say that I'm here for my sins or misdeeds, if I may put it lightly. Do you?" asked Abhay, with the expressions of one who had been wrongly framed for the right charge.

"Oh no. No my son, don't you worry about sins. God believes it was His will, that made you act the way you did, every moment of your life. So you don't get punished for anything. It's about making you stay here comfortable and fruitful by reflecting back and forth, with me of course for company and counsel. Your logbook should be arriving here any moment and then, we shall start looking back on what you did, what you could have done, and what you didn't." explained his guardian angel, the man Abhay was suddenly growing fond of having around, but didn't yet want to disclose.

"I don't believe in looking back into the past. That's just not my way of living life. I believe in moving on. So you could probably leave me alone and do your chores. Thank you for the help, by the way". replied Abhay, his words and expressions not exhibiting the slightest hint of coordination.

"Do you? I'm glad to know that. But your first few words on landing here seemed to suggest otherwise. Your life's the past son. You need to move on, if you think you are so good with it. And my chore for now is just you and your well being. So it'd be really nice of you if you could help me with performing my duties. You don't want to hurt some one you have grown fond of. Do you?", Sabhya ended his discourse with that wry smile that Abahy's best friend Sanskar always had ready when he had just foxed Abhay with a googly when playing a one on one game of 'block my spin' in the community park.

All Abhay could do was point his hands skywards and say - "OK. I give in to you." He looked towards the heavens to pass on some of his customary curses, but he couldn't, he was a part of it already, a 'heaven dweller' by definition.

Just as he was trying to figure out the targets for his curses, he saw a beautiful girl appear out of thin air. Hmmm... She was the most beautiful female he had seen, in a long, long time. "Damn my luck! The most beautiful place, the prettiest of girls, and I even feel like asking her out, but all I can do is, stand here and hang my head", Abhay thought to himself. And by the time he looked up again to steal another glance at his Pretty Woman, she had disappeared back to where she came from, handing Sabhya a crystal tablet, the size of a errr... laptop!

"She's beautiful. Isn't she?" Sabhya again brought out his wry smile as he questioned Abahy. "Oh no! no! no! no! no. Don't look at me like that. I'm way past the age for carnal desires. Was just asking for you.", he had read Abhay's mind, yet again!.
"But she's just like you. Hasn't been able to overcome her rather unexplained holiday, and keeps going back to her past. She had a boy friend, by the way."

"As if I'm bothered about her life!" thought Abhay to himself again. "Actually I may have been... who knows?" he was changing stance like Kevin Pietersen in search for a switch hit, with Sabhya for company. The man, his 'guardian angel' surely was something.

"So you read minds? Since when...", Abhay finally popped the question out.

"That's one of the numerous tricks you tend to acquire with time in this place. Don't you worry, you'll pick them up too. And if you are to eager to read the girl's mind, try putting in a request, and I might just lend you my tricks for a day or two." he said with a loud guffaw. And that was actually the first time Abhay had seen the funnier side of the man.

"Some character.", he thought to himself again and was about to ask more questions, when he saw his guardian angel insert a key into the tablet and out zoomed a 3-d hologram like screen. "Perfect setting to watch a movie with your girlfriend, and I'm going to have to contend with..."

"Don't you worry about that son! I'll make sure that you have The Time of Your Life.", and with that, he began playing Abhay's life, in flashback.


to be continued...

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4 reflected back...:

@ perturbed perceiver: it? Where do I take it from here? :(

hehe..wel if i knew how to do that then i would be the one writing a 'master piece'..:)
nywaz wil tell u if smthn comes up:)

@ perturbed perceiver:
hmmm... I have got exams coming up, and an exam hall is probably the best place to knit stories, when you don't have much to write in an answer sheet :)... but yes, if you get some interesting idea, please do forward it!

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