Don't you whine while there's still some wine

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
    - Winston Churchill

It's quite ironic, when weird questions you have been asking yourself one moment, go  on to be answered, in the most queer of ways, the next moment. I have not been in the best of health for the past fortnight or so, and this feeling of 'general discomfort' comes accompanied by a multitude of mood swings and mixed reactions to things that, in the normal course of life, would rather go unnoticed, just like that. So, when I place my foot wrongly on the stairs, and just about avoid having a sappy fall, I return the favour with - "Oh come on you old sorcerer, now you want to end my miseries this way? Yeah! Do it. I dare you to!” Or, when I get the urge to gulp down a mouth watering delicacy, which, obviously, I am advised against in the health that I am in, I respond back with - "That, is your bohemian version of the persecution conspiracy, right. Keep it coming Big Fellah!"

You (or me at least) just can't seem to see the lighter side of it, see it all in a lighter vein. And it's times like these that define you as a character. Whether you see the glass as half full, or a half empty coconut shell, determines, in a naked sense, how big are you going to make it, in life.

So, as I came back to my hostel room, after having just avoided the 'end to my miseries' by escaping the fall on the stairs, I logged in to a cricket website to check out the live score of the third match of the India - Sri Lanka ODI series. And instead of shouting out the what a feat had been achieved by the third wicket partnership of Yuvraj and Sehwag, the page headline blurted out that, for the third time in a row, Sachin Tendulkar had been given out wrongly by the umpire, while still in single figures... And sure enough there it was, 'Tendulkar lbw Fernando : 7' the scorecard read.

With nothing interesting to do, I decided to check out the message board below for people's reaction. It's the online version of the Great Indian Comedy Show, the message board, not just for its facetious remarks, but also the language and grammar (or the lack of it) used. So there were people saying all sorts of things. From the serious ones - "Lodge an official complaint with the ICC against these local Sri Lankan umpires", to the excessively solicitous - "I see a conspiracy here. They want to frustrate the Little Master into retirement" [?] to the not so serious - I think we should send a delegation headed by Pranab Mukherji (who by the way, is our Minister for External Affairs) to solve the impending diplomatic crises." And then the real pessimists - "I think Tendulkar should read the omens. It's time for him to call it a day." Although you can never be quite sure about the conviction behind these remarks, you are forced to give a thought to the schematic idiot, that the human brain is! ?(OK, I never quite figured that out when I was busy blurting out my own suggestive remarks to my plight, but then, that's human too - to find fault with others as rapidly as you can sing praises for your own self)

First, it's just a game and then Sachin is no newcomer struggling to cement his place in the side - he could, well, smash a record breaking century the next innings. "People are hopeless", I said to myself. "Why can't you just enjoy the drink that's left instead of whining over the fact that it's going to end soon"... and then, I read the next remark - "Oh come on! Tendulkar is Dhoni's lucky mascot... He gets out early and India wins. Check it out for yourself today!"

And I knew I didn't have to watch the rest of the live scores... There was something else, more important and interesting I had to observe and thank someone for... And as I write this, post, I am simultaneously thanking Him for helping me loose weight - the easy way!
Dedicated to:  The umpire who gave Sachin out today. Sorry I don't want to name the poor fellow!

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14 reflected back...:

Hey dude, life is full of beautiful moments(coincidences) just njoy 'm n have fun...cheers to the printer company...

Sachin is legend.......we Indian cricket fans demand too much yaar...aakhir woh bhi insaan hai...
I'm sure he is going to blast soon.....

an interesting read... Get Well Soon!!!!!!!! :)

Hey! the new template looks nice... And you need to get well seriously early... :P
loose weight the easier way???

@ buddy: yeah! coincidences that sometimes suck! Are they exactly beautiful?

@ Ashish: He is, indeed, a legend. And all the hara kiri that people around him keep committing, makes him one, all the more...

@ the pink orchid: Thank you...

@ Akansha: thank you for the compliments and the wishes alike! :P I'm loosing weight 'coz in a nutshell, I'm not allowed to eat anything that I like... in fact many of the things that I don't like as well :)It's a kind of 'forced diet'.. :(

@ scribblers Inc. :
aw c'mon! when I wrote this piece, I was actually looking for words of sympathy.. :)
n all u do is.. LOL? Not fair!

Hope u will get well soon!!nice theme...!

Thank you for the wishes and compliments alike!

hmmm... thinking. Lots of it... that is waht you tend to do when not in the best of health!

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