The Masterpiece

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"And that was Sir Don's masterpiece", stated Sunil Gavaskar. "Sublime stroke play, superb timing, but above all a lighthouse of patience."

"People who were lucky enough to witness that innings that day had just one word to describe it", added Geoffrey Boycott, "Supernatural".

"And with that, we come to the end of another episode of Boycs and Sunny Masterclass. Until the next time we meet, this is Sunil Gavaskar and Geoffrey Boycot saying goodbye".

Abhay fiddled with the TV remote to change channels as he poured himself another glass of wine. It was trancing, it was soaking, but it was not enough to make him drunk as he finally found what he wanted to watch, or hear rather. It was Simon and Garfunkel describing The Most Peculiar Man, in their customary and rather laid back manner. And listening to this, insipid description he fell asleep.

But sleep was not what he had on his mind or so his dreams would have him believe as faces, one after the other flashed in front of him.

Sachin Tendulkar raising his bat in that all conquering stance after battering the Aussies at Sharjah, Bob Dylon humming Knocking On Heaven's Door, Gandhi writing his diary in the confines of a jail cell, Monalisa hanging in Palais du Louvre, Beethoven playing The Ninth Symphony, Leo Tolostoy giving finishing touches to War and Peace, James Blunt describing his angel in You're Beautiful, Gurudutt playing the role of his life in Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam and why just them, his own boss, designing the building for a recent high profile client.

They had worked, produced a lot of works and one out of these had been their masterpiece.

Ah! The masterpiece, that ever elusive piece of work, lauded by one and all as something extraordinary, out of the blue, vivaciously distinct and most importantly that would satisfy him finally and make him believe that he had finally achieved something in life, done something of note. But in his life, most of which he had lived as a workaholic, to the extent that he had avoided too much of company on the pretext working hard for the morrow, the masterpiece had not come, as yet.

No, he wasn't an underachiever, in fact, he was one of the most sought after designers and architects in the country, with big names lining up paying no heed to the waiting list, that came attached as a pre condition, because Abhay Sahankar, the perfectionist, they said, was never going to compromise with quality, and quality was what they yearned for. And it was not as if any of his clients ever went back unsatisfied or feeling robbed of their right, they always thought they had got their money's worth and more. The special welcomes that he got at the inaugural parties for the buildings that he designed said volumes about the genius that he was. And of course, ladies made a beeline for the most eligible bachelor, that there was in town.

But, Abhay Shankar wanted more from life, and when he thought of more, it was not barrels of good luck and prosperity that he dreamed of for himself. No, money was never an issue; he quoted his price and still got more for his work. If anything was lacking from his life, it was the masterpiece. Yes, that small and inconsequent stroke of genius from someone else's point of view, but a rare marvel, that could change his life forever, make him believe, that he was up there, along with the best.


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nxt chapter?

coming soon... say Saturday.

ye reader kon hai ...lolzz

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