I guess I'm not done... just yet.

and you thought I had hung up my boots after the century? No grudges in here for thinking such weird stuff, because these past few days, that's what I've been doing and thinking as well... weird.

Why I've not been posting anything on THE iNFINIY all this time? Well, a combination of lame and not so lame excuses - have been lazy, haven't been well, had to undergo a nightmare (they call it surgery in medical terms), have been speculating a lot, haven't been thinking that much, have allowed my jobless tag get to me, have been listening to lots of people instead of just hearing them...

In a nutshell, I've been screwing and letting life screw me...

And then I remembered I certainly had things to do... probably a lot better than what I've been doing. This ain't really something worth reading... just a reminder to all my readers that I'm still here... and gonna be back writing soon... I do believe its better than most things I do.

Don't think there are many regular readers left on THE iNFINITY. But, asd's willing to do whatever it takes to get them back...

No bangs, but yes, I'm back! :D
[Silly punchline to end with, I know, but you know, I'm outta form]

Listening to: Ye Dooriyan, Kaminey. Courtesy: Radio Mirchi

Dedicated to: The hapless radio jockey on the same station. Man! I'm a fan of their stamina and shameless stupidity.

P.S. The preview pic that I put up was t attract more readers... nothing to do with a movie review as you must have realised by now. Ya kamina... dazz me!

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8 reflected back...:

m glad you r back :D

when did you become jobless?

waiting for your better posts ;)

hmmm. good to have you back.. even i was on a long break with some stupid reasons :) .. now trying to get myself back in to regular postings :) ....

yeah gud for u...
i too hav taken a long break...may b i wil also come up with a listn of my stupid n not so stupid reasons!:)

@ Ashish: thanks. nice to know there are still people who look forward to readin you... became jobles the day I graduated... lol

@ straight from the heart: thanks man... u motivate a lot!

@ Charmed One!: nice to have you back too then :) 'd get back to reading soon...

@ perturbed perceiver: waiting with crossed fingers to read your list and welcome you back... lol

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