Gone, are my whiskers :(

A man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar.
- Read in an old Reader's Digest a few days back. Can't recall the personality they attributed it to. So for now, attributed to Anonymous.
So out of the blues one day,just like that, I decided that I'll heed my doctor's advice and won't shave for good. He had been telling me to avoid it until I got rid of my summer supply of pimples, but being presentable in college constitutes a huge chunk of any dude's check list. And so I'd been shaving each alternate day to keep looking like the gentleman that I am.

And then the stubble, which slowly grew into a much heralded beard. "Impressive growth rate", I complimented myself.

Then one fine day, they told us it was time to bid farewell to the college, with of course an official farewell from the college, that sadly had, an official dress code. Yup! I had to shave.

Going through the routine, a shimmering Gilette Mach3 in hand, I checked out my face with a moustache. Just a moustache. The shaving cream smeared on the rest of the face. It looked... errr.. impressive to say the least. "Does a moustache violate the term clean shaven? " I asked myself. "Probably it does. Probably it doesn't. But well worth the risk all the same."

"Let's do it". I told myself.

So there I was at my official farewell party with a big black moustache. It did earn me a lot more photo opportunities than normal, apart from, of course, the glares and stares.

And to this day I'd been sporting the same bushy black moustache. Just that some (mis)happenings tell me it's the wrong era to be going around showing it off...

Friends were generous in showering accolades. How much they ridiculed my latest 'experiment with my looks' is something I'll never really get a masure of. Kids tried calling me uncle. Girls came forth with their particularly unappealing smiles. And some were blunt enough to do away with the smiles, altogether. And to top it all, my own mother seemed perturbed with me, the moment I set foot, in my new home.

So, with a heavy heart and even heavier hands, that seemed more like the butcher's hands, making the lamb say it's final prayers a million times, before they actually do it in, I chopped off my prized possession of the past few months.

"The Mumbai clime made it impossible to maintaion one, and I wasn't one to trim them off", is what I tell people who ask me the whereabouts of my face's bookmark. For the record though, I had to do it out of compulsion. A compulsion called keeping your near ones happy - at whatever the cost!

They say a man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar. But then, isn't that what the doctors prescribe us for a healthy life these days? Hmmm... consolation enough.

Listening to: Mean Mr. Moustache, The Beatles

Dedicated to: Nathulal. That legendary guy with whiskers to die for...

P.S. I happen to be too modest a guy to post my own picture sporting the moustache on my own blog. :P Check out my Facebook badge down below to get a first hand view of the look.


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23 reflected back...:

Moustaches do look good on some people! I personally like my man with a little bit of stubble rather than all clean shaven. Depends on person to person actually :D

But glad that you kept your near and dear ones happy :P

hey that was a 'neatly' written post i must say!so u experimented with ur luks!gud for u!m sure those who ridiculed u must hav just been jealous! so much for sm imaginatiion!

but u looked rather dignified in that look of yours ...godfather types...;)

soon u will be trying convince yourself to get that look back ....why do you try to conceal yourself from what you truly are a world it is very hard to remain what you are when everyone around you is trying to change you into what they want you to be ........

What? There are dress codes that forbid beards? What about those who have to keep their hair for cultural reasons?

@ Satans Darling™ : you know that's too contradictory a comment! not a justification for what I did, and surely not for what i didn't...
and, I hate to be laughed at my pics :P

@ perturbed perceiver:
thank you so much! that's the kind of backing you need when you're 'doing things' to yourself...

Now... be frank and tell me what you really thought of it :P

@ bose:
tell me something. do u need to get some work done of me? itni buttering to log tabhi karte hain... c'mon Bose, i'm the good for nothing - pass out, who won't even dream of jaadoo now :P

btw... finally! like the monsoons, the nawab of Lucknow descended on to THE iNFINITY

@ bose:
forgot to say this: 'don't make me be my ol' self buddy! I'd better be 'Me' this way...

@ Grace: that's an entirely different perspective. But you know, I'd have been looked down upon as a shabby idiot... it was kinda abstract dress code :P

@bose: dude, u seriously need a doc. Do I need to come over and talk to jadoo? Saale tu to sant ho gaya baba... maafi...

@infinity: ise bol line par aa jaye..varna woh teri invi wali bhi jaegi hath se LUG ke saath..

@buddy: naah ab baat karne se koi fayda lagta nahi hai ...jadoo se ya kisi se bhi waise thanx for the concern ..sant hone wali koi baat nahi hai just looking at life in a more serious note than before ..and btw nice way to tell kaun kiske saath jaa raha hia and uske liye kya pareshan hona jo kabhi bhi mera tha he nahi ...(guess @infinity got it !!)

@infinity: koi kaam nahi karwana hai aapse ..:) bas jab mumbai aaun to lene aa jaana ;)

@ Buddy:
he does need a doc, but I guess just for the malnutrition part... rest I'll take care of... pretty well. Experience counts you see :P

@ bose: din't i tell you? sooter hai, sea scooter nahi! ride the local man :P

@infinty: i don't ride the local man ..he might take offence :P and doeesn't ur mumbai have roads and stuff like that ..:D

sahi baat hai...have a nice day...

sorry sir galti ho gayi..

ROFL... Kya post hai... Kasam Mika ki, mujhey aap ke liye bahut bura laga :D

Kya gaana select kiya hai, uncle :D

Have a great weekend :)


@ Miss Kido: Agar Mika ko kuch hua na... mujh se bura koi nahi hoga - I love him for what he did to Rakhi Sawant :P

Ab moonch nahi hai... dare you call me uncle.

Bit off-topic....but I just wanted you to know that I dropped in on you from Entrecard today. Unfortunately, I have exhausted my 300 drops for the day so I could not return the drop.....but I did visit!

You are right, mustache is really special and gives men quit an impressing look. But the lack of the mustache doesn't lead to charm loosing.

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