Heartbreak at it's very best.

When I'd planned on a comeback posting schedule with my previous post, this was not where I'd decided to start. But some things are best done unplanned, and this seemed one of them. [Don't ask me about the others ;)]

It all started a day before, I guess, when I read an article on the Bomaby Times front page, by, errrr... Saif Ali Khan. It was about a childhood friend, who happened to be a cute girl. The kids never saw each other because Saif's parents shifted base and the poor boy had just a photograph of his friend as a memory...

Brought back memories of my childhood. Lotsa friends in the town that I was born and the next one, where I grew up, whose names I don't really remember and faces i faintly do. But I'd surely love to give it a try to go see them after like, 20 odd years...

Anyways, back to today, when I was watching Neil Patrick Harris, the How I Met Your Mother star [well for me he's a real life guru, that all senti guys should have] , on Star World, when this advertisement for Airtel Digital TV went on air.

Hmmm... Saif Ali Khan's article, it turned out was a gimmick (which I had kinda guessed) for this very add. But that's where it becomes rather touchy. He somehow finds the girl thanks to the photograph, a locket, and Airtel Digital TV and serendipity of course. But, just when he's about to rush to the girl (who apparently anticipates something exciting too, given the look on Saif's face), Kareena Kapoor enters the frame. (yes, from nowhere!) Poor loyal [?] lover boy Saif quietly slips the photograph of his childhood sweetheart into his back pocket and moves towards Kareena... while the girl he had been searching for so long, too curbs her excitement and moves away... the whole scene ends with the background jingle... Dil Titli... Dil Titli Sa. (The heart's a butterfly) [the translation because I believe my blog does have some readership abroad! lol]

I don't really want to comment more on the advertisement. How I felt about it? Well, I haven't really written about an advertisement here on THE iNFINITY, so you can probably guess. Watching it I felt that I won't like to go through it all ever, although deep inside I know I make similar choices everyday, thanks to my heart that flutters like a butterfly, all the time.

Though there's one thing about he advertisement I can't stop myself from saying. Kareena Kapoor in the role of her life, as the evil vamp! She should do more such roles... looks good in those. [She still remains one my favourite on screen actresses for her role in Jab We Met.]

This post was never meant to be and I still end up writing a truly boring autopsy for an advertisement... hmmm. Dil Titli... Dil Titli Sa.

Listening to: The title track from Dil Bole Hadippa. How does Titli Bole Hadipa sound like?

Dedicated to: The Titli that our hearts are.

P.S. The blog entry is in no way an endorsement of Airtel Digital TV. I could have used a generic name, but that would have spoilt the fun. I still watch TV through my good old cablewallah by the way...

Images Courtesy: Google and deviantART

Update: My post was quicker than even youtube. Anyways, found the video for this advert on youtube just now... check it out if you didn't already see on TV.

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22 reflected back...:

Though I din read this article thingy earlier, but yeah I saw the ad... and it was... kind of heart-breaking...

Love the pics you've nicked! :)

Even I felt the same way, when i saw the ad.. :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

awww i felt the same way about the ad. what a jerk i thought he left the girl for kareena but i dont know why i have a feeling there's a sequel to this ad.
and i love the song ,dil titli mera bhi really

ditto abt the ad!!
dil title true!

i beg u guysss !plzzz plzzz plzzzzz find this song !!!!!! m searching for this song since the first time i saw this ad !!!! i m so so so in love with this song !! plzzz temme where can i exactly find it !!!

if sm1 finds this song....i'll truely bless tht person frm my heart !!! plzzz find it !!

@ Akansha Agrawal: a FIRST comment from you after long... :) and another first because you agreed with me after so many people ha said that there wasn't really much to the add...
Nickin is an art too then... i guess ;)

@ divs: I won't want to call Chhote Nawab a jerk. lol. But I sio wish you feeling about the sequel turns out to be true... I'd make one for sure anyways... hehe and yeah lovely song!

@ Ketki: another one who agrees... Gosh am i turning lucky or what!

@ perturbed perceiver: and another one!!! lucky day for sure, what should I wish next for?

@ Anonymous: hey I just posted the video up there... mail me your email id... I could send the mp3 too... an anonymous after long here... lol

hi.. can u mail me this song.. dil titli sa..


August 22, 2009 11:42 PM
I Asked for the song !! not the other anonymous !!!!plz plz plz mail the mp3 !! plzzz !! thnkkk uuu !!!

thaaannnkkkssss a ttoonnn !!!! :D !!!

w0Tz d nAme oV d S0nG>>

p|z tEme :)

guys.. here is the song..

believe me....
I thought about the ad as soon as i read about the saif' name.... i saw it on TV just yesterday...
and posted the same in the end..
funny..No!! even when we end up loving different people at different stages of life but never forget the First One....

every nice post and excellent blog...
do visit mine and tell me what you think

Well you can get best quality mp3 from the link posted below.

full song
mp3 encoded

could someone please tell me what the song it saying in english please?

Dil titli, Dil titli sa...
kabhi yaadon kabhi sapno ka...
Khoye Rang dhoondhta...
Khoye Khusbu ka pata...
Dil yaadon ki gali...
Khoya Saathi doondhta...
Dekhi zameen, Dekha Aasmaan...
Khojata Raha, tere nishaan.....
Dil titli, Dil titli sa... kabhi yaadon kabhi sapno ka... Dil titli, Dil titli sa...

can anyone be brave enough to translate it for me please? :)

email me the translation of the song?

Dil titli, Dil titli sa...
kabhi yaadon kabhi sapno ka...
Khoye Rang dhoondhta...
Khoye Khusbu ka pata...
Dil yaadon ki gali...
Khoya Saathi doondhta...
Dekhi zameen, Dekha Aasmaan...
Khojata Raha, tere nishaan.....
Dil titli, Dil titli sa... kabhi yaadon kabhi sapno ka... Dil titli, Dil titli sa...


@ Anonymous:
Translating such a beautiful piece is indeed going to be a brave endeavor :) I'll try it though...

I thought, the ad has going to a happy end. But Saif shows again his personality ( ok its a ad). But I always connected him like he acted here. But nice blog bhai. Keep going

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