All about WEIRD analogies

Analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home. 
      - Sigmund Freud
Life's all about analogies they say. Comparisons with the past, living up to the present, planning the future - it's all about analogies. Peers, who's who, role models, siblings all set examples for you and sometimes maybe, you want to give it back to them. 

What if the examples come from weird sources. What if you need to read a handbook or manual when a certain analogy or it's premise seems to be way over the top? Surveys show responses might vary. [Yes I've conducted a thorough survey of my own, alright.] 

You might do one of the following - 
  • Ridicule the whole thing, abuse and move on.
  • Ridicule the whole thing and move on.
  • Don't feel like wasting your precious time even though you find it interesting
  • Go buy and lookup that damn manual, because you so want to get to the root of it. 
If you do belong to the one of the last two crowds - chances are you might just want to check out this new storehouse of weird analogies on the www.

winZoo's own home on the internet, he calls it, Living Like Windows

Happens to be a self confessed techie's foray into the market of troubleshooting [hold you breath...] people's lives, the geek way.

I do have some more inside scoops on the supposed next big philanthropic help site on the www. [That was the customary spoiler alert.] But winZoo hasn't paid me enough to advertise his new venture that well. So this is where I leave you wondering.

And by the way, the launch is tomorrow evening  - Friday the 4th. Do pay a customary visit to enhance my chances of a fat commission check. And No, you needn't blast me in here on my blog if you don't like what you see in there. I'm just a shrewd businessman making some money for myself. (Did I tell you I share my birthday with Bill Gates?) :P

Listening to: I'm a Liar, Bryan Adams - A Day Like Today

Dedicated to: winZoo... 'coz I'm being paid to do it!

P.S. This is an advert and philanthropy is the subject matter of the solicitation. :P

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6 reflected back...: is his desires...
sigmond freud.

so when did you started to follow him???
u know am the best critic you can have...cuz i can relate u to everything u right...wat say???

@ kaiva: you can relate to everything I 'right'? Thanks man! I know, I am always right, you just make it that much easier by confessing it right here on my blog.. :P
And I love my critics, not sure about you though... so you aren't really a critic - trust me!

dun be a silly english spelling freak...i know u got highest in ur spellings in school...and actually u didnt get my point...i can REALTE "YOU" watever u "write"...guess this time i make my point.[:)]
but dude to read you..although you bug at times.:P

and did i see...winzoo and "chazzu"???

@ kaiwa:
I used to score the worst at my dictation tests at school. You sure are a pain in the ass dude to be reminding me of such painful things :P Of course you can relate to me, we are friends this way or that! And I bug cause I'm that - A bugger! There's no damn bug in this world that hasn't bitten me at some point of time in my life... I just want people to share the pain... nice to know that you do ;)
Thanks for the support bro!

P.S. It's chuzZoo [ no points for guessin there :P]

Hello there! I just discovered your blog and I enjoyed going through it. I'll visit you again soon! Have a nice weekend!

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