A hundred, a bit down BUT not out :)

If I need a cause for celebration
Or a comfort I can use to ease my mind
I rely on my imagination
And I dream of an imaginary time.
       - Billy Joel

About the same time last year, home for the summer break at the end of the third semester in college, I ran into this brilliantly done up article in the Sunday express about the new phenomenon in online advertising. It went gaga over how google was helping small website publishers substantial sums. In a nutshell, the article was all about Google AdSense. 

Having gone through the piece, I began weighing my options...

I'd always believed I could write alright. And more often than not, I did. Lots of useless scribbling at the back of my notebooks, that, more often than not, ran me into trouble. Here was a chance to put it to monetary use I thought. I'd earn my own pocket money and make it big in life [Okay. A bit of exaggeration here and there never killed a human being. Bear with me. Please do.]

So there I was, setting up THE iNFINITY in about a week, without researching deep into everything concerning the so called enterprise. So when I should have gone for a niche blog ['cos apparently, that's what pays] I was busy setting up a general 'free for all' sorts blog. And when done with that part, I began to think myself smart, way too smart, when I began clicking on my own advertisements hoping that Google won't know. The rest as they say, isn't history. It's still a bittersweet memory, when instead of getting a notification for a payout check as I had been expecting, I received a mail saying that my AdSense account was being shut down for 'Invalid Click Activity' in a no questions asked / answered manner. And just like that, I was on the streets again. 

So much for the melodrama...

Friends who had earned and earned big, suggested making a new account and blog, with of course the advice that I ought to consider google the smartest the next time round. Call it height of laziness, or sheer love for something I thought belonged to me, I decided to persevere. And so, iNFINITY continued on it's turtle pace, to reach a small but significant milestone a few days back. 

I wrote my hundredth post. Within a year. And my blog marked about five thousand unique hits within that period too. A Google PR of high of 3. And to top it all, some dilligent followers of whatever crap I may dish out. [Of course, I have to keep doing things to bring them back, when I go absent for my ever so frequent short sojourns...]

Without too many celebrations [that's becaue I'm jobless and broke as of now :P] I move on to the next milestone(s), with some interesting goals in mind. Also, I thank from the bottom of my heart [no puns intended] each and everyone, who stumbles by my blog, every now and then, and cares to read or even comment sometimes.

And while at it, I ask you all, the readers, to put forth some suggestions to make iNFINITY better. [Save the 'blog's too big, takes ages to load' comment though, I'm working on it and haven't got anywhere].

For now, as I see the Mumbai rains through my balcony, and think of interesting things to write home about, there's just a small reminder every now then in the form of the flickering modem LEDs - "Do something about the dough dude, you're still broke."  :P

Listening to: Hai Junoon, New York - courtesy some stupid FM station.

Dedicated to: Google and AdSense, that insensitive pair of Americans.

P.S. : Individual comments would be rewarded with a link back to their blog(S) in the same post. [That's how I plan to bring readers back this time]


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12 reflected back...:

Huh!One crazy guy you are... :P

nice history behind the blog......and u do write pretty well...

haha..that is y u started to blog!!
nywaz u hav reachd "significant" milestone!
cheers to that!:)

Kudoz to u and ur Blog !!
gr8 Going !!

nice one dude....
Better aZoed than sitting idle!!!

The dedication was the best part LOL :D

Link back wala idea mast hai :D Lagta hai mere tips wale post mey add karna padega :D

@ Akansha Agrawal: you said it! :P

@ straight from the heart: we write our own histories they say...

@ perturbed perceiver: ya! a real significant one at that... cheers to the milestone!

@ Zain: thanks again man! the readers are the motivation :)

@ akshay:
hahaha! u substituting my blogging nickname for blogging itself! that's ultra cool :P

@ Miss Kido:
that big a post and all you clap for is the dedication? bad little spoiled kid.

P.S. I dropped the link back idea... too few comments again :(

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