My reason for celebrating May Day :)

It's your birthday and I can't be there
But I'll send you a special birthday wish and a little prayer
Have a happy birthday
I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true
May you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do.

It happened on a Christmas's evening...

Yeah, I guess it was that very day, when all of a sudden my sister decided that we just had to watch the latest SRK movie... whatever the reviews...

So off we went to the only multiplex in our town. I had never been to that particular place before, given the fact that I spend most of my time at my college, back in Waknaghat, Shimla hills. More importantly, I had never been to a multiplex! So I didn't want my first real experience of a modern day cinema complex to be something that I'd have to associate with a flop when I reflected back. Yes, I never wanted to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, after whatever I had read and heard about the movie.

But family outings are something you have to adhere to... good manners you see. So, off I went, with Mama, Papa and the planner in tow.

I didn't even feel like giving the movie's promotional posters a look... Aamir Khan with his eight pack abs, had been splashed all over the walls... and seemed like a more interesting option to train my eyes on. Soon I was in... and...

... watching her. "Who's the gal?" I asked my sister.

"You think I 'll know? There's SRK to contend with... now stop disturbing."

The movie wasn't as bad as the critics had made it seem like. SRK did well in his forced double role. And showed glimpses of his near future with the mustache and wrinkled faced. But that's not what I was really watching. No. It was Tanniji I was beholding and admiring.

She was - of course cute, seemed gracious, with that charming and captivating smile of hers. And her dancing skills, were just... amazing. And the most striking thing - "What height man!". Somebody get that idiotic jumping jack of an imposter out of the frame. PLEASE!

All through the way back, I ridiculed the movie - it's very logic, when I hadn't actually seen the movie with that seriousness.

Two days later I saw her again... "Man! What smile." Such talent and all of - [Oh no! I won't talk about Tanniji's age here, I'm trying to be that gentleman that she might want to consider :)]

Some days back, I found out that May Day is also Tanniji's Birthday. 

Here's wishing you all the happiness and success in the world, may you never again feature again in an SRK movie [:)... I'll be there cheering for you when you go up the stairs to recieve those numerous awards that are going to be coming your way! (I hope you'll oblige me with a date after that.)
Hope lovely surprises are coming your way...
To make your Birthday a Wonderful day
Happy Birthday Charmi!

[Just in case, you've been wondering, it's Anushka Sharma's birthday today... and though the above piece seems a bit odd and ridiculous on a second read... I'm going to post it anyways... Happy Birthday Anushka...

Listening to: Haule Haule, RNBDJ

Dedicated to: Stupid question! Tanniji... who else?

P.S.: I've even shifted base to Mumbai for my latest crush... more on that soon...


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10 reflected back...:

heheheehehee how cute! tanni ji..janamdin mubarak ho..

@ Akansha Agrawal:
I should be the one saying that... you're rolling your eyes in here too!

@ The Pink Orchid:
Tanniji says, "thank you" :)

Oh my! I knew the Bday wish was not for your sister, but dint quite xpect this one.If Tanniji is going to host a reality show like Raakhi sawant, I am sure you would be the first one to apply! Happy bday Tanniji

@ straight from the heart:
thanx buddy! :)

@ ss:
what a brilliant idea... must say! How I wish Tanniji does host that show some day... you could bet your life's fortune on the eventual winner... :)

Lol!!!and may be u cud try a double role in tht reality show to actually double ur chances!:)

@ perturbed-perceiver :
what an ide sirjeeeee! But, I'm not gonna be sporting a fake mustache to woo her... :)

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