Festive times...?

If there's something like loyal readership to THE iNFINITY (going by my number of followers and RSS feed subscribers, I have to say there is one), there's good news for the readers.

I'm back.

OK. Enough of the antics...

What kept me away for the days that I did not post was my annual college fest - The Le Fiestus '09. This being my final year in college, I wanted to be a part of the fest as much as possible, and hence decided to to send THE iNFINITY into standby mode for good. And finally, I'm glad that the fest, is over.

The annual fests in our college have been an altogether boring experience for me at least. Characterized by mundane events that clash at the wrong time, mismanagement and some weird terms (ever heard of something called the 'mixed DJ nite'? It happens to be the question of utmost importance in my college!)

This edition of Le Fiestus sucked like any other, just that it did so, a bit more than the others that I happened to attend. We (me and my buddies) literally had to run form pillar to post, in order to find some interesting event or activity that we could be a part of... of course, there weren't many (read any). It was like some frustrated souls in search for the said oasis that never happened to spring out of nowhere. 

Hard core Rock music is still not big with the best of Indian Music fans. We had 15 bands performing live, back to back in a Rockathon sponsored by some little known Indian social networking startup... and the crowd and audience (I've always believed there's a different undertone to the two) just kept dwindling as the event progressed. The fact that they didn't give our own college bands the liberty of performing more than two numbers didin't help the event's cause either.   

And for the final night, we had KK (sorry, but I forgot the bloke's real full name again) singing his heart out. I'm not a big fan of KK's. And though he got the crowd on it's feet for most part of his performance (me included), I still won't be, a fan. I mean, come on, what idiot, starts off with senti numbers to make your mood and activities hilariously hysterical. It was good to be able to catch up with friends in that mood though, for what looked like, one last time.

Every cloud happens to have a silver lining(okay that's more of a cliche than a saying now), but the fest did have a sliver lining to it... from my own point of view, that is. After some fifteen years or more I went back on stage to... (hold your breath)... DANCE! Yes, thanks to some of my friends who got together to co-ordinate a grand event for the final yearites and one buddy in particular,(he'll comment on this post with the same name, mind you.) I was a part of a formal dance sequence on stage for which I worked my ass off for like, one huge week!

And as Tanniji (did you just say Tanniji who? STOP! Go search Google for Anushka Sharma  a.k.a. Tanniji of RNBDJ fame, and come back to read this piece. You don't deserve to read me if you don't know Tanniji!) has said, "Wo Banda Hi Kya Hai, Jo Naache Na Gaaye..." I guess, I'm finally eligible as a bachelor... (I sang at the last edition... or was it the one before that?) Anything for you Tanniji...

The fest is over, and so would be my college in about a month more... Do forgive me if my posts in the next few days turn out to be nostalgic tosats from a half drunk's closet... probably I'm left with nothing better to do as I move into the twilight of my JUIT day(s)...

Till I come back with something better... this is yours truly, signing off.

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12 reflected back...:

Fests are always disliked by their own college students even my college fest brought KK....
I loved it because I'd to jump, run, escape the police to see his show

Is that the photo of face painting competition? Nostalgia written ALL over! Don't cry... :P

@ Ashish: Our college's fest is a bit unique I guess... No other colleges are ever invited!!! It's a means to celebrating three days off within ourselves... even i jumped to KK's tunes... 'twas like - marta kya na karta! :D

@ Akansha Agrawal:
Ye, that is the face painting competition indeed. And that, for God sake, isn't nostalgia... I couldn't twitch a single face muscle courtesy the thick coat of paint... that's why!

Looks like you had an amazing time...So did your face win the competation ;)... Aww reading all this.. just bought back my memories from College days...

@ Charmed One!:
No, sadly my face didn't win the competition... but we did have the most amazing and innovative theme... I hope I don't have to remember my college days with all that nostalgia when I think of them some years down the line...

Oh I love KK too.( if you are talking about the playback singer)Enjoy the best few days left.Have fun.

looks like you really had a great time!! Great to hear that college fest has been such a success! :)

@ ss:
I am not exactly a fan of KK's (yes, the playback singer) but he did get me going that night... yeah, the last few days at college seem like the goodbye to eternity...

@ Lena:
I did have a good time, though it wasn't exactly great...

Someone's looking colorful!!! :D
Nice one :)

B/w the look of your blog is pretty good...

@ Kido:
I wish my colors had won! :) Thank You...

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