Karachi Valie

I still remember the time when I entered the JUIT (that's my college campus) 'Welcome Gate' in our car, when my dad had come to seem me off for my first year in colege for that damned B.Tech. degree.  We had Rabbi Shergil playing on the car stereo - Bullah ki Jana - from his debut album, a recent, runaway success. 
About three years down the line I came up with the idea of THE iNFINITY. And one of my first posts was a review of Rabbi's next album - Avengi Ja Nahin. It wasn't that big a success - the media had blasted it all through, and had even gone to the extent of branding Rabbi - "A saint turned failed lover"!  [How I hope we bloggers aren't included in the same category - the media. I mean, I hate them]

Anyways, this is my all time favourite Rabbi song - one that holds a real beautiful meaning  and no message - sometimes limitations tend to get the better of you, and infinity comes to mean some vague term that becomes stuff that dreams are made of. 

It's Punjabi folk, with a Bryan Adams undertone to the music, so I had always wondered how many of my readers would actually understand if I posted the lyrics... 

So, just like that, I decided to post the song and translation, of course with some help from Google. 

Do write in to say what the song meant for you... whatever you came to understand of it...

Je aunda maen kadey hor                                  
Ki mulaqat hundi                                                 
Je hunda maen changa chor                              
Ki jumme-raat hundi                                           
Je aunda jhoothh maenu kehna                        
Tan vi ki parda eh si rehna                                
Hijaban vali                                                          
Karachi Valie                                                        
Kujh khali tere andar si                                      
‘Te shayad mere vi                                             
Ik paase khahishan si kharhian                         
‘Te dujey haddan si                                            
Ni haddan terian si nerhe meri door                 
Ki karda maen si majboor                                   
Mijajan valie                                                        
Karachi valie                                                        
Thhande sahan valie                                          
Rukhe valan valie                                
Thorha kasoor si mera                                        
Thorha si tera kasoor                                         
Par dasso dil uthey kiven jit sakdai                  
Jithey rehndian ne mattan vadhoo                   
Tun tukdi si rakhdi si bujhdi si machdi di       
Jhakdi si kardi si gallan                                      
Munhon dilon hor                                              
Maen takda si rah, kadey takda si daa             
Kadey farhda si banh teri                                  
Aakhar maen si chor                                           
Asan lai ik sann kurhey                                     
Vehna kinna chir khaloni eyn                            
Vaddi kandhan valie                                           
Karachi Valie                                                        
Thhandey sahan valie                                        
Rukhey valan valie                                             

And , The English Translation:
Had I come another time
Would we have still met
Had I been a good thief
Would tonight have been a ball
If I knew how to lie
Would this cover have still remained
O veiled one
O Karachi girl
There was something hollow inside of you
Perhaps inside of me too
On one hand stood desires
On the other limitations
Yours were too close and mine too far
What could’ve I done I was helpless
O sassy one
O Karachi girl
Your sighs were so cold
You hair were so coarse
A bit of it was my fault
And a bit yours too
But tell me how can heart win
Where mind holds forte
You nibbled, cast aside, got doused, got inflamed
Hesitated, spoke one thing from your mouth and
Another from your heart
I waited in your path, waited for a chance
Grabbed your arm
I was after all a thief
I’ve made a breach
Will see how long shall you stand
You and your big wall
Karachi Girl
Your sighs were so cold
Your hair were so coarse
Listening to: Karachi Valie, Avengi Ja Nahin, Rabbi... (since morning :)

Dedicated to: ummm... let's leave it for the moment.


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10 reflected back...:

awesome lyrics Aseem.. kisiko dedicate vi karna si yaara! :D apni Tanni ji ko hi dedicate kar deyo..

@ The Pink Orchid: hehe... This song isn't suited that well to be dedicated to Tanniji.. :)
btw... the comment shows you still remember a bit of your Punjabi lessons from Amritsar days...

I have to download this song NOW :)

This is one of my favourites, as well :) Another Rabbi favourite is Tere Bin from Delhi heights... The lyrics are simply mind-blowing...

Thanks for your comments on my blaaag, I've replied to them... Just in case want to track back :)

Fir milaan ge...

@ Satans Darling™: I tried posting a youtube video, but they've taken it off their servers... let me know if you don't get it and I'll mail it it in... :)

@ Kido:
Actually I'm in love with everything that Rabbi sings... It always has a different meaning for me... yup! fer milan ge!:D

Uncle nahi chahiye??? Chalo theek hai... Bhaiya rakh liyo :P

I’ve received my first tag… Do have a look if time permits…


sahi song hai

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