The Mama's Boy...

To tell you the truth;
because when I'm confiding in you,
I can't really lie...
I've always loved you so much,
and yet, without acting coy,
I must say, I've never been a mama's boy.

You always had my tracks laid out,
and yet, the deviations were allowed.
So was it a fear of loosing faith?
Or a skeptical attitude to the bait?
The reason, I barely know,
But proudly and rarely did I venture off thy tracks.

The styler, the merchant, the chef;
or the counselor's queue,
Never really felt the need,
to look beyond you.
Crying together, sitting in your lap,
Yeah! it's been the best part...
of my thus far, life's map.
Some of the best moments that I think of,
bring you to my life's memory dorm...
Please tell me what else do I do,
to be a Mama's boy?
Please tell na! Oh dear Mom.

I wrote this about two years back in my fourth semester, during a DBMS lecture. It's been one of the most boring series of lectures, I've ever attended, and my notebook bears testimony to the fact. This is the unedited version of what I thought up and wrote for Mummam, on her birthday then. Found that note book in an old pile some days back, and I've been searching for the right occasion to post this. And today, it arrived...

Mothers are the best gifts God gives us on our first birthday. Treasure them and their love while you can... To all your mothers and mine - A Very Happy Mother's Day! :)

Listening to: Mumma, Dasvidaniya, Kailash Kher...

Dedicated to: My Mom... (and desperately hoping that she reads this sooner than later.)

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10 reflected back...:

ouch it was so touching.. soooooooooo cute..soooooooo adorable.. Mommy dearest is gonna be so happy reading this one... :)

awesome man!!had i read it yesterday it would have surely been on my mothers day card!!!!with acknowledgments of course!

@ The Pink Orchid:
Mom doesn't read my blog... as yet i.e. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

@ straight from the heart:
That praise was indeed flattering! Thank you so much :)

Thats a really lovely poem..
Mothers are indeed the best gifts God gives us on our first birthday!:)

Lovely poem :)

Wish your Mummam a belated 'Happy mother's day' :)

@ perturbed perceiver:
thank you and... true again :)

@ Kido: thank you...

amazing poem.I am sure any mom would be pleased as a punch.

@ ss:
thank you... [fingers crossed as yet] :)

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