...yes, she caught my eye.

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Part II
Continued from Part I

"So what song are you listening to?", she questioned by pointing to her ears, obviously a reference to his earphones. 
He wasn't really sure how to say this in sign language. He had never been good at dumb charades even with his friends... but that was not going to be a roadblock for him at least this time - 
"beautiful." he managed to say it through his hapless gesturing, somehow. 
"Thank you so much", she said with a bright smile and... a flying kiss! He just about managed to catch hold of the kiss... and his own breath.

Suddenly, dewdrops began to appear on her windowpane. The hold up was over and traffic was moving. The central heating had been switched on... she quickly scribbled her mobile number on the window as her bus moved up the flyover and didn't even have the time to say a goodbye... 
"He'd probably call me. Hope he was quick enough to note down my number. I know he will.", she thought to herself. 
And then, she turned pale with the realisation that she had written the number straight facing her, but it must have appeared all scrambled up to him, from the other side.

"He seemed like a nice guy.", she sighed...
Three days later...
"What if I remember her number wrong? Nah... gotcha back my instincts." He'd never been bad with numbers... in fact, he'd been better than most mortals, thus far.
As he dialed the number, he had a sudden stroke of fear... "Girls are good at playing pranks! I should have called this number from a public booth." By then his call had been received...

It was Seven in the evening when her phone rang, with the ring tone that said it was from an unknown caller. As she pressed the talk button hesitantly an enchanting voice from the other end began, "Hi! I just got my new SIM, that's why couldn't call earlier. So how were you?"...

"Err... Do I know you?", she cut her caller short.

"It's me. Arjinkya. The... mmm... bus guy?", he explained. "Oh I'm sorry. I should have introduced myself better."

"Heyyy! I thought, I'd lost you there... how did you manage to read the number backwards!!!?", she had a hard time holding back her excited self.

"That wasn't a bother really. I had a specific learning difficulty, an SLD, in my childhood, that made me scramble up rightly formed words and allowed me to read scrambled up words fine. A kind of dyslexia, that works to my advantage many a times, to this day... errr... sorry again. I shouldn't be bothering you with the details, I guess, all you need to know is... I found you! 
Do you, have a name, by the way?"...

The End.

Listening to: 1973, I Really Want You, James Blunt

Dedicated to: Ignorant drivers whose impatient driving manners lead to traffic hold ups, and allow me to think up tales such as these to tell.

Images courtesy: deviantART

P.S.: This is what I describe as 'inspired fiction'. Whoa! I just invented a whole new genre of fiction! lol


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15 reflected back...:

yeh sahi mein yahin par khatam ho gyi? :( it was b e a utiful...

Khatam??? Nothing ahead? Why? It's an extremely abrupt ending... it's beautiful, you could really take it forward...

@ Buddy:
yups.. for now, that's the end... you colud say they lived happily ever after, if you are one for happy endings...

@ Akansha Agrawal:
I ended it 'coz I wanted it to end :) there's another piece of fiction that I started on THE iNFINITY, a long time back, and it's still hanging mid-way... so just wanted to know how the readers actually feel about a complete piece of fiction that I write...

hey this made for a really nice read!and kudos on creating a whole new genre of fiction!;)

@ perturbed perceiver:
Are you sure i'm the creator...? Thank you so much!

Hey you cut it realy short for us :P Waiting for the next part :)

@ Satans Darling™:
it says... The End. Where do i take it from there? ;) battling with exams right now... 'll see if I can take it forward... just in case.

dude..nice read.. these things happen only in movies..:) wonder y they never happen to me..

@ Unknown!!!:
never happen to me too :( !!! probably that's why we love movies, get to live the life of our dreams, only if for those three celluloid hours... ;)

Very nice beginning to an intriguing story. Will you continue? ;)

@ The Fitness Diva:
It actually happens to be the part II... the concluding part of the story... as of now... ;)

Nice one.....really beautiful....write more....continue!! :)

@ Aditi..............:):
thank you so much... another request for a 'continue'! OK! it's official then, I'm gonna continue the story, but I so don't have a plot right now... :|

plz plz plz continue....

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