The Teddy... is ready! :)

 It's so good to know someone special -
    who shares,
    My secrets, my laughter, my dreams and my cares.
    Someone through good times and bad -
    when there's tears,
    It's so good to know you Adi, my sister and friend...
    ... through the years.
    Happy Birthday!

I always missed having a nickname unlike many of my friends... so the first gift I chose to give you was that - a cute ghar ka naam! (and I know, you don't entirely hate it...) Lucky me, I'll always be proud of that!

You might not be knowing, but I was more than just a tad jealous when you made your first friends... other than me. I've always been like that you see... a bit selfish, to say the least.

The first time you topped your class, and papa returned home flashing your report... (was it nursery or K.G.?) I remember feeling a bit... awkward. I had never gone beyond a poor third position ever and here was a certain someone... stealing the honours, just like that! "Not fair." I thought. And I remember feeling the same way many a times, ever since until that beautiful morning three years back, when I logged in to see your result... That, has been the happiest moment of my life, ever.

I'm careless and irresponsible too, but whatever little sense of responsibility I have been able to inculcate in me, stems from the fact that I have to play an elder brother to the most caring and mature sister in the world... Guardian angels, they say, are elder, responsible, heavenly beings who care for you. Don't know about the elder part, but you are everything else that I'd have wanted my guardian angel to be...

Wearing specs the first time was odd, but seeing you wear them was painful... and I loved it when I saw you with contacts on, the first time. (I know you'd be wondering why I opposed the move so much in the first place then? That's how I tend to be... overprotective all the time.)  

I still feel safer when I'm sitting besides you on the steering, you'd always be the better driver out of the two of us, papa was right, all through...

You'd always be my best bet as a dance teacher... a brilliant someone, who has always known that I'm no good at foot tapping and so, won't be making any more fun of me. (I suppose so... ;)

Browsing through all those silly holiday pics of mine, I was wondering how I'd have managed to preserve the memories of my now on, now off hairdos without a pro photographer like you, close at hand - someone who made a model out of a two year old baby too (that's Kanan)... you're just too good!

You keep giving me the jitters... when my missed calls are not returned... when I hear you've been skipping meals... when mama makes expressive faces to say that I've been spoiling you... but deep inside I know, my kiddo would be fine. Just about...

I could keep going on and on about how you mean the world to me and your one liners and cute suggestions (they are actually WEIRD) make my day... but my blog's a costly web space you see! lolz :D So, got to keep it... realistic.

Today, as you enter the last year of your teenage (Hope I'm calculating correctly, maths is your domain and isn't really my strong point as you know)... No, I don't have too many chocolaty birthday wishes to convey or surprises to spring! All I wanted to say was - I'll continue to be the same old overprotective and inconsiderate elder brother that you hate to have, at times...  just for the sake of formalities though - 

Happy Birthday... Chunmun! May you be blessed with all that an angel like you truly deserves.

Listening to: The Reason, Hoobastank

Dedicated to: Mama and Papa, people who gave me my most cherished gift.

P.S.: Girls your age don't play with teddy bears! (That doesn't mean I'm backing out of my promise...)

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16 reflected back...:

Happy Birthday "Chunmun"

This is sooo cute! The elder protective brother, eh?

Happy b'day to your sis from me too, and I'm sure she'll be sooo happy to see this... I can say that as a sister... ;)

There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother.

im really touched bhai

@ Ashish:
I guess she'd be the one replying to your wishes ;)

@ Akansha:
a brother has to be protective... no option really.. n she did seem happy for sure! ;)
as for the wishes.. she'd be the one saying thank you, soon i guess...

@ chunmun/adi:
main inni bhi senti maarne k mood mein nahi tha... but just couldn't stop the flow! lolz ;)

Awesome awesome post. tum to bahut senti mar rahe ho.chunmun is so lucky to have you for her brother.It wud have been great if u had posted apic of chunmun. happy bday to chunmun. god bless the angel.

hmmm so sweet.....kash aisa bhai hota mera :(
chal vaise tu bhi bhai hi hai...toh dis means ab tu mere liye bhi likh :P

@ ss: thank you... pic.. hmm she doesn't post her own on even the social networking sites... so I didn't know if it'd have been OK to do it here on my blog..

@ isha:
of course m your brother dear... n this was in response to the repeated requests for an orkut testimonial from Chunmun... you were one of the first people I wrote a testimonial for.. remember?? fir bhi... pakka likhoonga wen i feel like writing one.. ;) btw... Happy Birthday

awwweeee you promised her a teddy and the post is so cute.. your sister is so lucky.. i so prayed for a brother like you..!! :)

hey Happy birthday to your sis.. she ofcourse is an angel.. and that card is so so so adorable!!

@ the pink orchid:

thank you so much... :)

nice 1 dude...........
mere bare kb ayege??????????///

@ parul:
thank you... :)
aayegi... teri baari bhi aayegi! :D

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