Yes, She'll be loved.

DISCLAIMER: This piece, is a work of fiction, albeit, not entirely. All characters and their names (if any), are more or less fictitious and any resemblance to person(s) living (I don't write about the dead), is pretty much, intentional. And yes, I indeed mean, almost, every word that I write...

The more I see you... the more I know you.
The more I know you... the more I like you.
The more I like you... the more I love you.

The more I love...
...the less, I want you.

- read it somewhere once, and it has been adoring my cellphone notes, ever since. For now, attributed to - Anonymous.
When you've grown up on mushy love stories and novels that make you believe just about every word they have in them (No, it isn't Mills and Boons that I'm referring to), you tend to begin thinking, nay dreaming. And resist as hard as you may, you do end up believing in phenomenon like beginner's luck (The Alchemist), life coming a full circle (The Glass Palace), sins and penance (Crime and Punishment), happy endings (old school Bollywood and most of Hollywood as well), love at first sight (where did that come from?)...

Oh Sorry. I'm so very sorry. This was supposed to be a valentine's day special. I have 364 other days to tell you the story of MY life.

SO, on to it...

She walked in at some weird moment of my life. All good moments seem weird in hindsight, you see.

And, I won't beat about the bush, yeah she was pretty. The prettiest I had seen in a long, long time. And cute, smart, intelligent, passionate, compassionate... all qualities that I would fill up to describe 'The Perfect Match' field in a social networking form. And I wished I could know her more. So, I did. Just a bit more. I did. And more. More and more. The more I came to know her, the more I wanted to know her. Hell! Before I knew it, I was in love. The love song at first sight had moved on, to a serenade...

But they say, you can never know them enough - girls I mean. And so hadn't I. So just like the whiff of moist monsoon breeze that she had made her way in to my life... she blew away, like an alien westerly.

Or so I thought, then. Because when I reflect back now, I realise she had never walked into my life.
It was a tale of two parallel galaxies, that had come close, by serendipity, never to cross paths. Life moved on. It has, because it had to.

And I lived on, knowing and somehow, believing, that I couldn't love again, having given away all that I had.

That was yesterday. One of the numerous days gone by...

Sifting through the memories of the days gone by, I came across this treasure chest. And it had all my feelings, emotions, inspirations and the real me, stacked just the way I would have ever wanted - all messed up, and ready to be... let loose! I am yet to figure out who all to thank for the safe keeping job. But yes... I'm waiting again, for, the one.

And I trust me, when I say that - "She'll be loved."

P.S. : A Happy Valentine's day to all the readers of THE iNFINITY :)
Dedicated to: The human spirit that is so inherent in me. Just refuses to, die!

Listening to: Whatsername - American Idiot, Greenday

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41 reflected back...:

Hey dude...i guess i took it in d right sense...i would love to c you vth "THE ONE".
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

nice post!!
hey i'll be really happy wen u get "THE ONE"
and u r rite u cannot know bout girls

Hey.... I wont feel sorry for you and nor you are feeling sorry for yourself. We have loved. We have learned. .. Learnt probably the hard way but so what. Lessons nonetheless. This valentine's day lets raise a toast "to new beginnings" .... and ya.. A very happy valentine's day to you when your heart is at peace, mind calm and soul blessed. see you around

" beginner's luck (The Alchemist), life coming a full circle (The Glass Palace), sins and penance (Crime and Punishment), happy endings (old school Bollywood and most of Hollywood as well), love at first sight (where did that come from?)... " and add "love at last sight(my blog" :P

I also hope that you get your dream-girl soon :)

Am sure many more will walk into your life buddy.. but the best of all will stay forever :) .. until then enjoy life :)...
Happy valentines day :) ....

@ Buddy:
I had a gut feeling you'd be the first one here... n as I told you - "The One", is still some years away... you'll be back by then! lolz

@ Isha:
hmmm... can't say who'd be happier of the two though.. ;) and yes, you really can predict Dhoni's next move sometimes... but girls... nah! noways.

@ the pink orchid:
lessons... are big things for me! Can't exactly say what I learnt out of it, but yes i did leaarn, and enjoyed every moment of it...
and yes... a toast to new beginnings...
happy valentine's day to you too.... :)

@ Ashish: Haven't yet experienced love at 'last sight'... but must say, seems to be a groundbreaking and more heartbreaking concept ;)
wish you a very happy valentine's day ...

@ Charmed One!:
thank you so much for such a thoughtful valentine's day wish... and a very happy valentine's day to you too ;)

Your disclaimer was what struck me the first, next was of course the post, not entirely the work of fiction... well even though I am not exactly someone to be talking about love, yet I'll say someone somewhere is definitely for you... but don't wait please, it could be too late! ;)

On a serious note, be the first to say what you feel...

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

@ Akansha: That's why I typed it in a real fine font, the disclaimer, but some people I guess are just too good at reading between the lines. ;) ... hmm.. someone somewhere... that's bollywood again DTPH was it? lol..

sometimes you just have to.. wait. No, actually I'm short of words right now... so, on a closing note... Happy Valentine's Day :)

I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I felt and still you would not understand.
So now I leave you without a sound except my heart shattering as it hits the ground....

It is impossible to fall out of love, love is such a powerful emotion,
That once it envelops you, it does not depart.

hmmmmm.....dude..i may be late in posting a comment to ur blog...but i guess m not too late....still have 1hr 43mins in hand...its great that u have moved on..(which i still doubt...seriously)..and wen u have try to come out of ur closet in which u have closed urself for the last few months...dude that place has started to move out and start looking for a new life..."the one" won't walk into ur move ur ass out of ur room...i know it hurt rt now...but its temprary...n hey if i get a swing of mind...i will make ur ass more painfull...hehheheh
have a very very valentine day....hope u njoyed the day. if get time plz drop by.

@ adi:
dat was err...
a bit too emotional.. :( thanku sis!

well just skipped the word "happy"....u understand.hehehe..just a typo!!!

@ chunmun:
I thought it had... departed me... but hmmm.. it's not a phase of life... it's a part, once there, it stays forever... and so maybe I have rediscovered mine.. again!

better late dan never dude :P
n I have moved on... big time! m confined to dat stinkin room 'coz.. u know why!!!! n dare u say things abt ma ass...
n yeah! Happy Valentine's Day to u dude!
(urs is really special thsi time round) :P

dare u say nethng abt ma room...either love it or leave it...

aww.tht was touching..
hope u find ur valentine soon enuf..:)

@ perturbedperceiver:

was it... ?
I tried my best at blending it with my with my brand of sarcastic humour, but... looks like it still seems like.. a love story. :)

Thank you so much for the wishes, by the way!


I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be very good.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Yes, She'll be loved.’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


@ Ray:
Thank you so much for dropping by and the compliments... I did join Rambhai... and added the widgets to my blogpost... let's see what happens!

do keep coming back and reading and voting for me @ Rambhai.
cya around!


nicely written!!
hope you find THE ONE soon! :)

Miss Cynical ღ Åйu ღ :
thank you. And I hope so too...
:) :) :)

That was beautiful!Belated V-Day wishes :)

P.S. Cool blog layout!

@ *~*{Sameera}*~* :
Thank you so much... :)
and belated valentine's wishes for you as well...

nice ur blog template n gadgets r too gud

@ Anirudh induchudan:
Thank you so much. ;)

WOW!! awesome layout... nice ideas.. did u chk whose life YOU walked into?

@ a25yearold:
thank you so much :) And no, I never thought of checking the other way round... a completely new perspective!

well written. and gud luck in finding the right one

@ ss:
Thank you so much... :)

good post...well i will pray you get your best partner soon....till then keep waiting and keep loving too :)

@ Aditi..............:):
Thank you... and I sure will, keep waiting and loving... :)

you know after being away from blogging for long i read many of them today.. yours is the best one i've read today. Sensible, emotional, sensitive, touching too...

All the very best :)

@ Lena: thank you so much! comments like those are the motivation that keep me going, and there was way too much praise in your words... I'm blushing, literally...

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