Wake me up... when september ends.

One struggle more, and I am free
  From pangs that rend my heart in twain;
    One last long sigh to love and thee,
      Then back to busy life again.
George Gordon Noel Byron

I never thought it would come to that, but this happens to be my fiftieth post on iNFINITY. A big mile stone in a short journey... eh? I had no inkling what iNFINITY would be like when I started with the design process, back in the June summer vacations from my university. I still don't have a clue where I have come from and where I seem to be headed, but there have been a few things that I would like to mention as fruitful outcomes off a beautiful endeavour. 

  •  I realised I'd rather be a designer than an engineer. The makeovers, the widget policy  decisions helped me realise that I'm better at something other than coding! 
  • Trust your basal instincts. Trust me, your first decision would always turn out to be the best.  And... there is no point ruing the fact that you thought over... for a second time.
  • A blog can't be your personal diary, instead it is the help book, you always considered publishing for the zillion souls needing help out there. And yes, you need to weigh what you say!
  • There comes a point when you can't ask people to read you. That is where the actual value of your stuff starts counting.
  • You need to be good at identifying your reader's interests if you want to be popular, otherwise be ready with the - "I don't write for the masses punchline!"
  • No matter how small an entity you happen to be, someone somewhere would always come to recognise you and adore you for whatever you are. 
  • And finally, serious writers don't earn big! Identify and get hold of an alternative sourc of livelihood before deciding on writing as your bread and butter.

September has been a tough month that passed by in a jiffy, when I look back at it now. That, because so much happened in so small a period, that even I am left wondering where, exactly where, did I step on the wrong board. Its been exciting, fruitful, sedate, harsh and finally, cruel, all at the same time, and being the peaceful [!] soul that I am, I beg to say, I couldn't take it all, in my own stride. To say the least, I am way too drained and exhausted to continue with something as engaging as iNFINITY.

So, for now, I am taking a leave. A short break, a longe one, or a permanent shutdown, is something I can't commit of now. But yes, if ever I do happen to come back, expect a different me, promise! On the same note, I take this opportunity to thank each and every element that helped me come over the learning curve during this period of time - you know people, what I mean - don't you?

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2 reflected back...:

kindly compare ur posts ....the ones u write wen at home or chilling out and the ones wen u r in ur university....during some test or near vacation time.....
figure out d difference and dont introspect...jus c d difference...

of course there's big-big difference... in a way... I've never been happy with the place. n thanx a ton 4 remindin'. mind telling me who you actually are??... thanx 4 leaving a comment though

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