Comeback (KID!)

"All sin tends to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is what is called damnation"
- W. H. Auden

Almost a month back, out of the blues, I had decided to get rid off my blogging addiction - be less regular, or give up altogether. And true to my word I haven't done a post for a month or so. It seems like an eternity now, and the break helped me realise that there are some things that you can't seem to give up on, come what may. So, here I am back to square one, posting on the iNFINITY, as a full time job.

I know its a psychic addiction, one that is going to lead me to damnation sooner than later, but one thing is for sure - it is not a sin.

So much has happened in the short time that I did not blog, that I feel as if I missed out on some some real good things to discuss on the iNFINITY.

On a personal front, I went back to writing a diary. And it feels good to be doing something that brings back those nostalgic feelings. That, is the one place where I make friends with my enemies, realise things, that are good about them and finally, don't mince words when criticising myself. The final year project that I am working on, seems to be headed no where. And, my wonderfully idealistic attitude does just about enough to provide the icing on the cake. My very intelligent room mate just made a mockery of the GRE, that all important examination that you need to crack, in order to make it to the US of A for higher studies. And, I have won the exclusive rights to his interview, which would appear right here, on the iNFINITY - a first!

Team India trounced Australia in a test match, the series is still on though. Tendulkar got another record to his name. Ganguly decided enough was enough, and made public, his decision to hang up his boots.

India joined the elite nuclear group, thanks to 123, joined the moonfarers courtesy Chandrayaan I, its first unmanned moon mission.

Barak Obama, seems to be doing better at being USA's first black president every time he goes out to campaign.

Another black, Lewis Hamilton (I hate him!) is well on his way to becoming F1's youngest championship winner.

Another Indian, Arvind Adiga won the Man Booker, for his fictional fantasy The White Tiger. (I am desperately trying to get hold of that thing, somehow!)

And yes, the economy! I'm still trying to figure out whatever happened in the world, all of a sudden that made banks go (bank)rupt, companies lay off their resources (read employees!) markets crash, and blah, blah, blah. So I decided to make Udayan Mukherjee my guru for some time. (Don't know him? Thank God, that you are human after all... even I've given up on him.) One thing that I did figure out, during all this economy gyan though, was the fact that I won't easily get a job, once I pass out, or get a call from the companies that I kind of landed a job with.

So? Who cares? The present is pretty much OK... and the future... is still miles away!
And that, is the most important thing that I think I have learnt of late - let the world run away with bounties off heaven's droppings... you'll get to have the most important and more importantly, serene left overs.

Pessimistic me? Not really, will elaborate in the coming days.

And yes, I have begun with a weird post dedication thing from this post onwards.
And this post is dedicated to - Mr. Jagjit Singh!

Leave a comment to know the reasons!

Happy Reading.

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