I am criminal... are you?

"The worst crime is faking it."
                       Kurt Cobain

Going through the day's newspapers and reading about all that is going on in our world, my memory raced back to a personality improvement session that I had once attended with my classmates. The instructor had been asking us to reveal something unknown about our real selves... something that none of the ones present, knew. And when it was my turn, I had very candidly disclosed that I loved to fake things. More often than not, the face I am putting up would not be the real display of my emotions.

Going through the papers, I tend to disagree or at least reinvent my statement of that day. Who doesn't want to fake? And more importantly, most of us enjoy it... an Arjun Singh when he vindicates, Jamia's stand of giving legal aid to blast suspect students, when he would want them hung without a judicial probe. A Barak Obama, who says he favours a gradual troop call back from Iraq, when the real thing he would  want to do is have them on the first flight back home. A Narendra Modi, who fakes victory when the report commission suggests it could not be his handiwork, when in fact, he would love to take credit, I suppose. Sourav Ganguly fakes satisfaction, Anil Ambani fakes success, Tendulkar fakes hope, Government fakes help for the flood affected, Ratan Tata fakes interest in Nano staying on at Singur.

Whether its for the sake of political correctness, or fame, monetary influx or something as simple as a smooth life, we put on masks, neatly engineered, well finished up and disposable ones, mind you... because we need to change them every other time.

And how much, must all of them, be enjoying their faking spree. Because as is generally said - "You can't possibly do it if you don't enjoy doing it".

Ask me, I've been trying hard the past few days, to fake contrasting emotions, expressions, and acts - all in vain. 

So I believe I should call myself an unsuccessful public figure (If I am one at all i.e.), because I don't have or can't even fake some of the bare minimum virtues. Not really, says the other voice (OK, I'm half psychic by now!) - "You don't judge people by their virtues, everybody can fake them. Its times of depravities that make you know the real person that you want to, because no body could possibly fake then... Did I say possibly?

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nice blog gd articles keep it up.
stick with this work bye.

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