Hey! All is not lost...

Its amazing, how life has an uncanny knack of making up with you, in the best of ways. I have been writing bucketfuls of slumber philosophy these past few days, boring, annoying and at times scaring away (my loyal!) readers to the hilt. And then all of a sudden, I end up attending this meeting with my mentor's student group, where I realize, life is not all about cribbing what you haven't done, but, about what you could do with the leftovers.

He's a nice gentleman, Mr. Lamba, the Dean of Academic Affairs at my university. After all, he was roped in from an IIT and IITians are supposed to be the best, no questions asked. There were many queries put forth all through the meeting, some pertaining to our routine problems, some regarding our comfort levels and then of course, the question which I suppose I am going to be asked more often in the near future, no matter what, being a final year student on my way out.

"Are you happy with the place you made your home for four good years, not just to get a bachelor's degree, but in order to grow up as a person as well?" As expected of me, I did not raise my mind in affirmation to this question, but surprisingly, I could not raise my hand to say a no as well. And then obviously, the one question you can think of asking such an individual, was asked off me... "Which side of the hedge do you belong?"

"Neither." I replied. "There's nothing bad with the place." Its just that you have to have your attitude right from the very beginning, which I did not have in place."

He did second my opinion, in a different direction though, holding seniors responsible for passing on information molded to their convenience. It wasn't my seniors that I had been thinking about when I had said that. It was just my attitude to life and trifles in particular that I had in mind, but all the same, I did not try blaming forces unseen for what I have come to. Looks like I have grown up, at least... half the job done!

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2 reflected back...:

I always knew I am the best... your acknowledging it makes it all the more sweet... Thank your dean too!!!

dazz y m a fan f urs!!... u use ma blog... ma platform 2 praise urself!!! :( 2 gud babes... n dat septagenerarian is a gud 4 nthn hunk... trust me!

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