Trust me, I never knew

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Going through one of my melancholy patches, that have engulfed me of late, I began Googling around for silly things today. Its amazing, how we always seek around Google for things, we consider absolutely vital to our lives, when in reality, these are no more but trifles. The source code for a stupid project assignment that I know I would never do in time, on my own? Jessica Alba in her latest getup? A real impressive quote to spruce up my blog? The meaning to a word that I believe, does exist, but is not available on my PC's limited version lexicon? Latest configuration for a hi-fi PC that I would like to have assembled?

Hell! I begin taking these things out of my life block by block and I find could still do pretty well... in fact more than just survive, without being transported to the stone age.

So what exactly constitute the real things? Things that one could, me at least, not do without, in this life... or any. I searched newspapers! I can't live without them. The rationale behind mother's day, father's day. Parents mean a lot to me. Jobs maybe? I have begun searching for good ones, ever since I entered my last year at college. And then, I turned to abstracts. Feelings. Moods. Love. Nerves. Trust. Trust?

Of all the things I read about trust, there were some that I found really mind boggling... in today's world especially. Trust is a principle - not a belief it said. It is more of a virtue... a core value. And thus, it can not be described as a product of any opinion. It is something universal to existence... like gravity - constant, no matter what!

I would beg to differ... I believe people have different ways of approaching the whole concept of trust itself. I trust A, because I understand his value system, his character, and I have a certain level of belief in his deeds. A, for that matter, might even be my enemy, whom I trust to behave in a certain way once I have come to understand his way of working.

But the same A may not trust me at the same time as I do, because he believes in having a higher degree of confidence in me before he might want to give in. And then, there might be a B, whose trust is based on blind faith in me. He'll trust me, no matter what or when or how. And what constitutes a breach in trust? Again, a relative issue... I might act in a way, that I consider appropriate enough, because of the level of confidence and faith, while the recipient of my action might not deem my ways and acts right. May even consider them entirely contrary to the abstract MoU that comes into being, once trust begins building. How then, something as vaguely defined and misunderstood a term as trust be a universal entity?

I don't have the slightest idea of having broken a friend's trust, when I have all but trampled his expectations under my unsuspecting emotions... owing to my comfort zone being much higher than his. How do I know?  

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