As You Sow, So You Reap

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“Do not believe absolutely what your teacher says to you, neither follow him blindly. For him being a human is as likely to make mistakes as you are. So you must have the courage to question him. So stand up and ask”
These words by Swami Vivekananda suddenly put my mind racing and made me question myself about the faith I had in my teachers and the current education system.
A teacher is the person who imparts a part of his knowledge irrespective of his age, sex, stature or his ability. After all every one has something to teach, every one has something to learn.
The one question that bothers me the most is, should the (current) student- teacher relationship extends beyond the walls of the classroom. In today’s world the word teacher has begun to be identified as someone who imparts whatever knowledge he has in fixed amount of time and getting paid for that stipulated time period for which they keep themselves occupied.
I have always believed that a teacher not only teach the required course curriculum but also act as friend , philosopher and guide at times when you require him or her to be. But some recent observations have shaken my pillar of belief in this regard.
What confidence does the student retain in him after slugging it out for the whole course and getting an inferior grade than a student who knew the teacher beforehand because his father was the teacher’s classmate or for that instant a teacher who is supposed to make a student’s life easy, ignore him while going down a isolated road in heavy thunder showers, as the student desperately looks at him with dreary eyes.
I don’t know whether it is the deterioration of our society or of our minds I have come across a sect of these teachers who are generously biased towards one sex. I really cannot understand why the relationships with Adam or Eve interfere with my grades.
Not to leave those who think that the sole objective of them spending four hours a week for a subject is the pay-cheque at the end of the month. They are of that class who are the least bothered about the welfare of the students for them it is just another job.
I would just like to remind them that Dear sir/ madam it is not just another job. This is called teaching, the Noblest of them all.
I would like to conclude this article with a personal experience. Sometime back my father and some of his friends were having discussion about the current state of education and the people responsible for it. I was called upon to show some light on some of the current subjects. After the completion of the discussion one of my dad’s friends who had himself done some tuitions along with my father pointed it to me that sometimes I referred my teachers with the annotations while sometimes I called them with their first names or the nicknames we had given them.
He was really curios for the reasons, being a man of principles himself. I replied to him that agreed that the current generation does not give enough heed to their teachers nor the respect that is expected out of them but are teachers doing enough to gain that expected respect.
And for once no one had an answer to that.........

Untill next time...

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