The Moving Chronicles

July '08:
Papa receives an envelope at office carrying his transfer orders. He's has been officially transferred from Hisar to Mumbai. mumBAI? Don't they think of the word 'feasible' when asking employees to shift base?

Anyways... "Time to move papa", I tell myself. Why myself? Because more often than not I'm the one in the family who gets the most excited at the prospect of moving to a new place. I quickly begin enlisting the pros, my own reasons that make me think interestingly about moving... of course, again, to who else but, myself.

"Come on you've already grown bored of Hisar. Yeah it's an easy paced city, but it's rather boring to live at that pace in the initial phase of your live. BOMBAY! Just think of it man... you'd go  home from college in a TRAIN! No more hurting your knees around in those state transport buses. BOMBAY! It'd be like a dream come true. More opportunities for a 'your kind of job' when you pass out. (Why I thought that back then, is still a mystery... even to me.) But most important and interesting of all, you'd be going to Yes! Bombay. What better place to start looking for ways to meet Tanniji than the city of dreams itself."

I had a hard time getting decent sleep that night. And the next day, I was already discussing packing and of course MOVING with Mummam. "It'd be done as soon as you pack your stuff and of course mine", said Mummam. I could already feel adrenaline jets tingling the inside of me. "You'd probably come back home for Diwali at your new home", She sure knows how to get work done out of me.

The packing began that very day itself. YES, it did.

But, B U T... There's just a peculiar little twist to the story that says that Papa couldn't get the company accommodation before April this year and that's when we ACTUALLY shifted. Dreams come true. They do. It's just the time. You never quite know when they'll begin. Yeah! probably they are lazier than I am.

I've been shifting bases from the age of 3 (or so I'm told).  The first time around, probably I wasn't involved in the packing bit. Ever since then, I've been the one to commandeer (trust me). There's this interesting facet to kids whose parents keep moving.
We probably make more friends in our lives than other kids do. We know a lot more places by experience than most other kids do. And yes, we change more schools than most other kids do. I've often been asked in schools during my first week... "Why did they  turn you out of your previous school? Yes, some stupid kids never got the whole point of moving from one city to other - lock, stock and barrel. There are some ugly sides too, to the supposedly interesting activity. Just when you thought you had your room set up the way you'd always wanted it, Papa came in to break the NEWS! You couldn't do some things with the house, the room, because more often than not, it's not your OWN house. Just when the teacher's mind had the fancy idea of making you sit with that girl that you always wanted to sit with, you were exchanging farewell gifts the next week. The list could go on, I'd leave that you people... Fill in the comments box!

And, that's why kids who keep moving have this sympathetic undertone connecting them to others' their creed. Check out SS's comment to my previous post... (No she ain't a kid anymore, and so ain't I. But you know the undertone...)

continued here.

Listening to: Alvida, Junoon

Dedicated to: The Moving kids :)

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8 reflected back...:

I am nodding my head all the way.Insipte of the moving hassles, I used to get damn thrilled about moving..knowing the new place, new home, new frnds.Moving the furniture, unloading them, all nostalgic..All the kids wud wonder y i join school in the middle of the year..

yeah,and then u have to smtimes adjust to the different dialects used,even in the same state!adjustn with new frnds,teachers,course and even the neighbours..its difficult!i agree!

nd hey lookn forward to sm 'breaking new' concerning u nd Tanni ji soon enuf now tht ur in mumbai! :P

I am a nomad too :P but it's just me who shifts bases. I love shifting and settling and planning my new room in a new design :P Going out and finding new places, eateries and dhabas, talking to people - although I am very reserved like that. But it always marks a whole new beginning :) Life starts fresh!

@ ss:
ya... another nice thing - when the principal interviewed me herself to see if I deserved it... and then those essay tests, because you wanted a mid semester admission - THRILLING!

@ perturbed perceiver:
damn right... I know three types of punjabi, 2 versions of pahadi and the king of them all - right from the jatland - Haryanvi! But everything was so important in making me who I am - now that i look back.

@ perturbed perceiver: for breaking NEWS - you gotta check out Aaj Tak. My blog's a lil' on the slower side :P

@ Satans Darling™: Nomad- nice way to put it.. yeah, sometimes it allows you to do things the right way with the new beginnings and prior experience n all...

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