Letting go...

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
                Havelock Ellis

When you stay away from your blog that long, coming back is an exciting yet difficult thing to do. Right now, I've got so much to say, so much to tell, and so much to express (yeah! all three mean different things to me) that I can hardly contain my dancing fingers. (The keyboard being their stage) I have got news to break (No, sadly, I'm not going around with Tanniji, in fact I haven't even met her yet.) 

It's just that I'm over with the final semester of my engineering, which effectively means that I'm done with college, which effectively implies that I've joined the cadres of our country's jobless youth (until one of the company's that picked me up during campus placements decides to call me, which right now, seems a distant dream)   

Off late, I have had to deal with the rather difficult proposition of parting - taking leave off friends, things and off course places. My dad has recently shifted base from Hisar to Mumbai, and that is where I'll be going too, soon. I've left JUIT, Waknaghat for good, for ever (hope so with fingers crossed) and I left back a few (or lot is it?) friends both at Hisar and college. Things? Well, when you move, you are forced to throw away a lot of things that you'd probably have loved to keep. More on that later.

Seeing that I have so much to write about, I have decided to go low and slow. And you can trust me to share each boring detail of my life from the past month or so. So keep coming back for what I promise is going to be interesting stuff. Till then, this is yours truly signing off... cyao.

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4 reflected back...:

Keep em' coming slow and steady :)

ya leaving college is abt shifting to me..I have moved a dozen places..schools and homes..

waiting to know more. :)

Waiting... :)

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