My Locus... Redefined

On a foggy winter's morning,
as I sat down to ruminate.
I saw flashes of days gone by,
and the morrow they could procreate.

"Not a derelict,
that's not what I want to be."
And I prayed with folded hands;
To the heavens above, and forces that be,
and the Guardian of the lands.

Out of the vacuous eternity - sedate,
I espied a virgin streak illuminate.
My prayers, the divinity answered to;
and the scouting stars recombined.
Untrodden paths they made me follow;
and I had, My locus, redefined.

Listening to: Mama I'm Coming Home, Ozzy Osbourne

Dedicated to: All people who are busy finding their way around the ways of this world.

P.S. : I wrote this as submission for my college literary committee's contest seeking 'justifications' for this year's annual fest, the theme being - Locus Redefined. I haven't heard from them ever since... so thought I'd post it here and let my readers tell me how has it come out. I've written formal poetry after ages... For now, I'm off for a week long (or longer is it?) vacation. cya people around... Happy Holi! Have fun! tada...

and as you might be wondering, so am I... how in the world didi I forget to hit the publish button before leaving? anyways... I guess all of you won't mind belated holi greetings ;)

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6 reflected back...:

HI, its pretty goood one, i would never be able to write one like that, poetry is talent..

Haiku poetry

@ workhard:
thank you so much... poetry is talent, but at some point of our lives, it comes from within, naturally, and that's when we open ourselves... through poetry... try it!

Believe me, i have tried it, actually i should have tried it when i was depressed, but guess what, i painted instead and sold a couple of my painting, u could say, i made money out of my own depression...... LOL

"Fortune favours the ... err.. depressed?" that's a paradigm shift!!! lol :P

i loved the poem! it made a lot of sense!!

belated holi wishes :)

@ the pink orchid:
I'm glad you did... and this coming from someone as good a poet as you, is a big motivation...

and thank you so much for the belated Holi wishes ;)

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