The four year itch... is back!

The wheel is come full circle.
- William shakspeare
It's a rather strange phenomenon, but my posts in the recent past have been taking me down the memory lane, to the beginning of college. This one happens to be on somewhat similar lines. Thank You for bearing with a nostalgic me!

The year was 2005, still early days in the first semester of college and I had just had my first hand experience with what they then called high speed Internet. (OK. It was no way near what we can get today.) The concept of high capacity web based email services was fast gaining ground with Google making a much publicised foray into the sector through GMail. Yes, back then GMail was big and unique with its concept of 1 GB mailbox. 'You won't ever have to delete a mail again' was what the tag line shouted out at you. And the popularity can be gauged from the fact that you could have an account only by invite! Along with the huge inbox storage capacity appeared the concept of mass forwarding - pictures of the weirdest of things, facts that you wished you had never known, appeals for help for the deprived ones. (How true, is something I haven't quite figured out, ever.) - from all sort of contacts, people you may never have seen or talked to in a decade!

That, is where my story begins. (Agreed, I have this really bad habit of milling about, before I come to the point, but then, old habits die hard.) 

One fine day, I get this mail from, I don't remember who, stating, no, asserting in really flattering terms, the importance of Zodiac signs, and their interpretations in our lives. And then, unwearyingly, going on to explain the traits of all the people in this world, categorized under, yes, you guessed it right, just the twelve zodiac signs! 

I as a sceptical Scorpio(as the mail described people like me), read through my traits, which also described me (no, people like me actually) as good kisser (Alas! I haven't tried that out as yet.) and blah - blah - blah. But the best part was what came at the fag end of that hilariously close to realistic description - 'Four years of bad luck if you don't forward this.' "WHAT the heck!" was my first reaction. But, it steadily scaled down to spurious laughter - one that normally says, "OK. I'm a fool."

So, having been fooled already, I decided to go ahead and take the challenge and the mail was never forwarded from my email id. 

Luck deserts you all the time, because in a way that is what makes a mundane life interesting. But if you have got some really nice excuses for luck's u-turns on the seemingly innocent you, it makes life all the more simpler. I never quite remembered my (mis)deed ever since, until yesterday that is. When I found the same mail in my inbox from another nice person. (No, he was more than that!) Like any, diligent netizen, I read through the whole mail, came to the Scorpio part and no, didn't laugh like before. 

"That solves it." I said to myself. 
"This mail is the root of all bad that could have happened to me in my four years of now on, now off, but generally miserable college life." And then I smiled. The wry one. Could this be the end, or a new beginning? Hmmm... Four more years to go before I find out for myself.    

Dedicated to: Spammers around the Globe

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9 reflected back...:

nice excuse dude...

hey that explains a lot of hard luck i did had to face till now!no wonder!

nice post..nd interesting title!

One mail(spam) says I'm Leo- The Boss and other says I'm Leo- The Lion...
both are nice :)
but the worst part is that
ones says I have 7 yrs of bad luck and other says I've 13 miserable years ahead if I don't spam those...
and I suppose my youth is going to be wasted :( :( lol

@ perturbed perceiver:
I still do wonder though, whether the years of bad luck run parallel or start one after the other, in case of multiple such mails...
the second case I assume would account for life term of BAD LUCK...
hey! I could dedicate a complete blog to just that! whta say? :)

@ Ashish:
you end up being the the dominant one anyways... it's just that one is a lot less civilized and diplomatic (apparently) then the other!
It's amazing what a sporadic high these beautiful mails give us...
as far as the term of bad luck goes... read the comment above and believe what I have to say... maybe you'll feel better.. if only, just a bit :)

lol!another blog post on spams?! i wish u 'bad luck' with tht!

hehe... do i say.. Thank You

hehe i liked this one :P :P :P

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