All in there... in the mind.

Every true, eternal problem is an equally true, eternal fault;
every answer an atonement, every realisation an improvement.
- Otto Weininger
The past few days, I have been more involved in reading, blogs that I come across,  or search for by employing weird keywords. If you are a regular reader here at iNFINITY you could probably speculate on what those 'weird' keywords might have been. I'm not going to be divulging the details, that's like going haywire on standard trade practices. But, what I could share with you, in fact, I am dying to do that, is what I, sort of, learnt from my 'sacred stumble upons'.

When I began, I was searching answers to rather simple and in a way, hilarious queries. For e.g. 
- How many people think as much as I do?
- How many think on the same lines?
- Who seems to have the best solution possible?
- ... (if I haven't written that before, '...' is the iNFINITY's equivalent for 'and so on')

So here, are the answers, and as usual, some interesting tidbits to keep you from deviating to another web page!

Very few, yes few, think as much as I do, because most of them think more,and much more. Quite a relief, as far as I am concerned. I'm not the only one thinking weird, crap, and what I would describe as punk philosophy. There are millions of countless (Yes! The pun is very much intentional) souls out here, who toss about in their beds, pray for an easy sleep, and end up getting their share much, much later than they perhaps, deserve. 

There are similar individuals, who promise themselves to be more resolute than they are today, on the morrow. Take up things because THEY want to take them up. People who think they need to move on...

There are opto-pessimists (the term is something I just coined, but I'm in no mood for copyrights infringement if it already existed, so you can write to me for credits, if you think you came up with it first) people who think positive, and in a big way, one second, and the very opposite the very next moment of their lives. 

And then, their are people who think they know best, what to do. And I must say, they know everything but that. An incessantly obsessive relationship with the superficial, and nothing more, but yes, commendably, a will to help people in dire need for help... who are sending out SOSs by the minute, at least that, is what our helpful souls pretend to be understanding, so well. That is what seems to fire them up all the times, and to an extent, we could thank, both them and their premises.

That, was just an observation.

And no matter how much I might have criticised and or commended the class of people who furnish help that is half applicable, I'm, like a consecrated blogger, going to suggest what I concluded. 

Most people I read about, and tried to read through, seemed more or less a reflection of what I feel, is me. It's like one could easily identify with them as one of us. And seeing the oneness of life, and experiencing this with no SELF in the way to distort it(remember it has been put away for these 'sacred stumbles'). It is so very different to how the mind tries to project it. The mind literally has no idea how it truly is from an experiential perspective. It is always so much more simple and down-to-earth than the mind could ever imagine or comprehend.

In a nutshell: It's all up there, in the mind. So, if we could realise that we need to keep it simple... and shutdown our mind... each day of our lives... allow it to cool down... Trust me, it'll come back reinvigorated and focused at tasks, not trifles.

Why should you trust me? 
Good question. Actually I could dedicate another post to that, and not bother you with stuff as hard to digest as the one above! 
Dedicated to: Einstein, that uncrowned king of mavericks.

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4 reflected back...:

some very innovative analysis of the blogosphere there.. :) i am blogrolling you. :)see you around..

@ the pink orchid:
I'm glad you used 'innovative' some verbal comments described it more as weird. And thank you for blogrolling!

lol..that was one helluva read!!

@ Trinaa:
Thank You so much... :)

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