One helluva semester!

Most things break, including hearts. The lessons of life, for me, amount not to wisdom but to scar tissue and callus.
- Wallace Stegner
Four months of operose toiling,for nothing substantial whatsoever, brings me to an end to another semester at my college (Do I have to repeat it is called the JUIT!) It happened to be the penultimate of my eight torrid semesters in here (that leaves me with one more) and I am not feeling nostalgic at all, at the thought of having to move out soon. The place doesn't leave with you too many memorable moments to do that actually, and the thought of the ensuing pastures being greener anyways, helps big time. 

Back to semester 7. There has been this special something with each consecutive semester at college. Each time I leave college for the holidays, thinking the next one could not be worse, it turns out to be just that, worse than what I have experienced so far. Semester seven was no exception, just that I put academics on the back burner this time. Not that it was something atop my priority list anytime earlier, but I did it more by choice than chance this time round. Reasons galore - my new found interest in blogging and setting up of The iNFINITY, lesser workload owing to lesser credits assigned to courses(!), the beautifully considerate time table that I got this time around, with ample sleep hours, here, there and everywhere(Thank you again!), a new graphics card for my PC - yes the only good use that you can put it to is - you guessed it right - Gaming!, and of course last but not the least, life itself. 

Trust life to never leave you bored with repeats. They only occur in gene sequences. ( Aw snap! that is my limited Bio Informatics knowledge getting to me. Sorry for that.) Just when I thought I had been there, done that, seen it, experienced it first hand, life bowled a googly(read pleasant surprise) out of nowhere, to leave me gaping for breath. OK, truth be told, a pleasant surprise is just not enough, you need shockers and that is something that I had to deal with aplenty this fateful semester.(Actually, which one isn't?) Descriptions? Aw come on, you don't want to derive pleasure out of listening to a listless some one's tale of personal woes. Do you? There's so much more though, that I would like to pass on as part of my gyan acquired this semester.

Recorded TV series episodes come in handy when you have got nothing to do. No silly commercials to deal with, no wastage of time (!) and yes - some really interesting lessons to learn if you are willing to. Case in study - How I Met Your Mother - one week, four seasons and I am not finished yet! And guess what, I already want to be a Barnie Stinson. Trust me, it's gonna be legen-dary!  

Bollywood finally seems to be coming of age - I actually sat through about five full length 'hindi feature films' and to put it mildly - liked them just about fine. OK, you want to make good use of your time - don't, I repeat don't sit through a bollywood movie without having consulted about 3 different reviews.

Your attempts at being handed out the 'Social Outcast' certificate just won't succeed, come what may. So keep toiling, dragging your poor self on with the society, that won't let you R.I.P. until you learn to live that way. 

You are pleased with what you are and what you do. So what more? Stop trying to please everybody whose just anybody. Adidas may proclaim 'Impossible is Nothing' But the above job, is simply not, nothing.

And last but not least... don't plan, just don't. They never work out to your liking and if they do, probably they weren't right in the first place. What a waste of time, isn't it?

I learnt so much in such a short time and yet, I go on to blame the semester as my worst so far. That in a nutshell, is the story of life. No matter what and how you do, the brickbats always await you somewhere down the corner. 
Who gives a damn? I do, you do, we all do and that in essence is the reason why our lives our as complex as they seem to be. Think it over...

And before I stop ranting (yeah! that is what I have been actually doing up until now) a toast to One Helluva Semester!

Dedicated to: Sorry people, it's me this time. I dedicate it to myself.

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4 reflected back...:

NOBODY cares about marks, once you've achieved the success 'you' desire... So if you feel you're fine with what you are and are going where you want to, there's nothing to really worry about...

Btw, welcome back to the blogging world!

hmm..i guess that's the story of every engg student ( me certainly included!), each sem turns out to be -"one helluva semester!":)

@ Akansha:
Right said there... but sometimes, frustration gets the better of you and you seem to loose sight of your 'long term goals'... but the struggle continues for me...

and thank you so much for the warm welcome.

@ perturbed perceiver:
I had my reasons to believe that there are really few like me out there... but looks like I've got company... and nice one at that :)

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