...and each wish resigned.

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How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! 
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! 
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned. 

- Alexander Pope in "Eloisa to Abelard"

They say, nature is the most meticulous law making entity that exists in the savage presence of the 'civilization' called mankind. It plans a step or even two ahead and always has workarounds, to avoid conflicts on any scale. So, no treatment they say, is undeserved to whomsoever it is being meted out. More often than not, it's written. And when it's not, an individual's deeds during each moment of his life do enough to add credits to his accompanying play book. That is what the law of nature states. And apparently, that is the only one that matters. 

You could question any other law making body, in a judicial system, and further question the judicial body itself if still not satisfied with the response that you get the first time around or thereof. But not so, in nature's system of distributing justice or lack of it, for the simple reason that you are not allowed to question, or to put it straight, you don't see someone you can hold responsible for what has happened to you and hence pose a question to. Our values, if they have been rightly instilled in us from childhood, teach us that we just can't question Him. He, is always right in what He does. And that is how, some of nature's cruelest decisions come about as punishments... "I must have done something wrong somewhere in my life to have deserved this." And thus, we take seemingly unfair, unjust decisions, in our stride, so to say. With praying for forgiveness being the next best thing that we resort to doing. But to make rather lucid matters sinfully opaque, Nature or God, to whomsoever of the two, that you may wish to attribute this forbidden apple, gave us, a human memory and that ever so indomitable sceptical mind. So, somewhere in some corner of our life, when we sit back and reflect, and rewind to the hour, day or week gone by, a feeling of having been wrongfully indicted and cheated by Nature, or God again engulfs us for a part of our soul searching process. That in itself is another sin - questioning the Almighty, who could never have put a foot wrong. But, we do it, because we know that there's a mythical aura to the childhood value, which somehow, makes it different from a fact - something that is always true.

I began this post quoting Alexander Pope from his famous poetical work Eloisa to Abelard, which has already been the subject of a hollywood movie. I never quite understood how to interpret the poem and I half understood what the movie in fact, wanted to convey. But my own interpretation of the same, which I know, goes way over the top is this: 

God with his supreme powers, and the knack of always being right, need not be worried about being questioned over some of his rather dubitable decisions. And in the long run, they probably, are washed over, by the sands of time, what with the poor us asking for forgiveness for some of the sins that we may have never committed at all. But wouldn't He be doing us a great favour by nipping in the bud the second thoughts about His decisions that creep up every now and then in our sceptical mind. I know, it seems like one of those fancy wishes that we make all the time, while commuting to work or a going out on supposedly the date of our lives. But it is not just one of the wishes, it is The Prayer - something that could make it a lot easier to live our wretched and miserable lives.

Dedicated to: Mr. Pope, whom I owe my deepest apologies for having interpreted his work in one of the weirdest possible ways.

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2 reflected back...:

Although I didn't get the entire thing but it seems good...
"What if God Was One Of Us?"
Have a nice day...Take care...

@ buddy:
as i mentioned in the dedication part of the post.. it's a weird one... so I don't blame you for not getting it much... Thank You

mind divulging you identity? :)

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