Three cheers to Kailash Kher the composer

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RATING: **** / *****

Sixty odd blog posts and this is only my second music album review on the iNFINTIY. For the simple reason that I can't review what I don't listen to and I don't listen to what does not appeal to me. So, only the second album to be reviewed on iNFINITY had to be something special, and indeed it is.

Dasvidaniya - the music album released by Lemontea Productions as the OST of the movie which goes by the same name is something I am hooked on to ever since I caught hold of the songs. Composed by Kailash Kher, the music is a no frills attached, sheer listening pleasure for all of us bored with the run of the mill stuff being dished out by bollywood movies to - make up time. 

You seem to get mesmerised with Track 1 itself. Titled 'Alvida' the lyricist takes his time to bring the listener to realise that it is not exactly a sad farewell that the character wishes to have, but all he wants to do is, go out on a high. And the way the score suddenly changes from a melodramatic piece to new age rock, makes you, well, sit up in awe. 

Track 2 - funnily titled 'Mumma' is a touching piece, with Kailash Kher at his vintage best. You even see glimpses of his all time best 'Allah Ke Bande' now and then, but for the now, lets not compare two tracks that shouldn't really be. A mother's day dedication piece for me! 

Track 3 - 'Muskura' brings back Sonu Nigam with something substantial after a long time. Inspiring you to smile in the same vein as the title track from 'Kal Ho Na Ho' - his best piece till date for yours truly. Back to this song, the accordion - mouth organ combination takes you for a while to the good old days of black and white movies. And then the tempo, just builds up.

Track 4 - is an instrumental rendition of Muskura again. Nice listening when you are in mood for sweet nothings.

And Track 5 - which happens to be the last track is a remix of Track 1 - Alvida. I, don't really comment on remixes, though Kailash Kher knows better, he doesn't need instant coffee to sell his stuff.

All in all a good buy if you pride at calling your collection different. And I give the album 4 stars on a 5 point scale.

So until the next time a new piece appeals to me the same way, this is the musical me signing off.

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