Lest I hit the wall...

Having hit a wall, the next logical step is not to bang our heads against it. 
- Stephen Harper
After the review for my blog that I got earlier today, I realised something important. It has always been, and will continue to be about what I write about. 

So, there's this funny, little, embarrassing situation called the Writer's Block. A rather nagging doubt that you have at the back of your mind as a writer and for me as a blogger, that whatever you plan to post, isn't the thing that your reader's would exactly want to read about. In the process, you tend to weed out all the creative little ideas that keep coming to your mind, until, slowly but surely, you are left with none.

Happens with many a times, when I don't write anything for days at a stretch. Just that the frequency has been on an gradual increase of late. 

So I found this rather interesting solution, of course with some strings attached. Its the Skribit widget (you 'll find it on the iNFINITY sidebar as you scroll down). It will rank the topics suggested by the number of votes that it polls from all the users. Now for the strings. Simply put, it requires you - the readers to suggest me topics to write about. Anything and everything that you wish to see being discussed and be part of the discussion on, over here on the iNFINITY

So put on your thinking hats (I like them more than caps!) and come up with your suggestions on the Skribit widget.

Waiting as always... 
Yours truly.

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1 reflected back...:

ah! finally :)

first of all, much thanks for dropping by my blog :)

and u hv a lovely blog here as well...and i just love the way u start off your posts with a quote!

The skirbit idea is pretty good...will put on my thikin cap..sorry..hat and be back with a ground-breaking idea for a post for you :)

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