hmmm... Life is Beautiful

I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost would be more than I could bear. 
- Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin in 'The Patriot'

I love living with backlogs for company. Be it academics, email replies, blog posts or even movies. Yes, movies. So when I ran into this movie titled 'Life is Beautiful' occupying some precious MBs on my PC hard disk, watching it was the last thing on my mind. But, out of sheer curiosity, I moved on to watching the movie, without doing a google search or IMDB reference for the plot. It turned out to be another of those movies from life in the Nazi - Fascist era. And no matter how many similar movies you might have seen in the past, you just feel like watching them on. There's something to the way the directors portray the human emotions in the time of adversity, that keeps you glued. So, I had watched Schindler's List the previous winter, The Pianist recently and now Life is Beautiful.

The movie is about a Jew family or more so, a little boy, who survives a concentration camp, thanks to his optimistic father's sacrifice. For more on the movie visit here. 

Having seen my third Nazi era movie in the recent times, I couldn't help but think of what Hitler is doing in his part of the universe right now. Most movies that we see, show eventual triumph of the characters portrayed in some way. They are movies after all, but what about those who couldn't make it through, those who were not fortunate enough to be featured as movie characters... how does The Fuhrer pay for his sins. I have had a copy of the great psychopath's autobiography 'Mein Kampf' for a long time with me now. And each time I make up my mind to read through it to read a bit into the man's philosophy or the lack of it, something or the other happens that stops me from dong it. Watching the movie today won't be one of those happenings I hope, and I plan to read the book this time in my approaching winter vacations. 

Back to Hitler. Is there enough punishment that we have meted out to him and his ideals in particular so that the world never saw a reincarnation? I don't think so. His ideals still exist in mutant forms, and are flourishing in one way or the other. All of us are racist on our day, and given the authority, we would like to try out the extremes of our thinking being practised to our heart's joy. That we don't have the said authority, is the only obstruction in our paths, and I guess the silver lining to the otherwise dark cloud that modern civilization is. I don't even have questions to ask of you or myself today, because you better know what to ask yourselves...  

Dedicated to: A. R. Rehman

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you know what? the world is a better place because of the efforts of people like Hitler.
Think again!

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