A common man's u-turn

I am not in a habit of keeping in touch with latest news, (read BREAKING NEWS)  even if I have access to the internet or the radio. Like a common man, I find it a waste of time to hear or read about the mundane affairs, time after time after time. And yet, the same common man responds with an abnormal degree of concern, when things show the slightest hint of going wrong at any moment. Like last Saturday, when all of a sudden, the FM station I had been listening to, reported that serial bomb blasts ripped through the heart of Delhi, the Indian capital. My first concern, like any common man again, was about the people I knew, and the people they knew, my social network, that is. And then, by the time I began seeing live pictures on my PC, other thoughts began rushing in. A women lying in a pool of blood near a footpath, mangled remains of a public transport vehicle that had apparently, been thrown high in the air... and no, I don't scorn our, the Indian media, for showing it all uncensored, they should, they have to, and they did. But my second line of reactions was limited to why can't we peacefully give in to the demands of these extremists, so that we could, at least, live. Live lives that were devoid of fear and hatred for the stranger, that you see or might even greet, the next second.

Time passed, and just like other things, my thoughts were laid to rest in peace alongside the numerous other memories that keep visiting, just like cafe patrons.

And then, I happened to see a recently released movie. Many of my friends had been suggesting it from quite some time, and I believed it would be a romantic comedy, that they had been asking me to see, as they are all quite familiar with the genre of movies that I prefer watching. A Wednesday, the movie proved to be quite a contrast to what I had thought. In fact, it turned out to be a movie describing the life of a common man, living just like most of us do in the new age, enjoying technology to the max, but fearing for our lives every now an then, wanting to speak more to a stranger than a customary 'hi' but refraining from doing so, fearing his inclinations, trying to live each moment of our lives the best we can, not because we love to, but because, we or nobody else for that matter, has an inkling, what might happen in the near future. Just that, his thoughts, and more importantly, his ways of dealing with his fears were pretty much contrary to most of the others' that you would classify as a common man. He favored brute force to peace, chose to be action breaker rather than a peace broker, and in the end was a able to wipe out a handful of the extremists, by holding his own people to ransom, rather intelligently.
A few more of such people, and we might be able to wipe out more than just a handful of the extremists, or maybe, even wipe them out of our system. And why just them, we could wipe out quite a lot of things from our system... 
Do I see myself going his way? Not exactly, but I won't be found wanting for words when praising this other type of common man, and maybe even join him some day. Who knows?

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