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Sometime back, I put up this counter widget atop iNFINITY, after seeing the fancy thing on many other blogs, that I happen to frequent. As expected, it increased my levels of excitement, to see the increase in site hits, daily and also the pattern of, where people usually find iNFINITY and decide to visit. And yesterday I signed in to see that iNFINITY had registered a 1000 hits! Not a significant landmark maybe, but all the same, exciting to the hilt, for me, at least.
Time for the acknowledgements I guess.
Thankyous go out to
- Entrecarders, netizens who are cool enough to visit a rather unknown blog when a search returns something interesting, Reader, Reader (again!), Anonymous, (the real) anonymous (people who are sane enough to refrain from using ANY name when they don't want to disclose their identity!) and last but not the least, all my friends, who have subscribed to the iNFINITY and who haven't done so, those who have to go through the ordeal of reading my daily email newsletter, hoping to find something interesting, only to be left, a tad disappointed. (I do write about interesting things sometimes, after all!)

Hey! This is just in appreciation of your support. I'm not shutting down the iNFINITY. It has just started out, reached a small landmark of 1000 readers, and I guess I am... still counting.
So, keep visiting.

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2 reflected back...:

lol...m an anonymous reader :)

anonymous reader would be someone, who won't want to sign off with a pen name.. that's my perception.. perceptions could vary though...

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