Reviewing err... Seducing Mr. Perfect

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When it comes to living, we like to live fairytales and when that doesn’t happen, hmm... we make up our own fairy tales and live them to our heart’s joy. Yes, that is what all Bollywood movies are about and most Hollywood movies too. So, what is so special about this movie that I review? If you had to classify it on the basis of above two origins of production it came from none, rather, it came from farther east.
Produced under the banner of Sidus FNH entertainment and content company, Seducing Mr. Perfect is a Korean movie set, just about the same place. No, I don’t know Korean, and maybe nor does the hero (Thank God, at least he spoke English). And yes, watching the movie with English subtitles to read was a big torture). And yet, I review this movie for weird reasons I mention later in this post.
On to the movie... The hero is a perfect guy, one any girl would want for her, but not the leading lady. She thinks he’s arrogant, high-headed, and decides to beat him at his own game. So, we have a Harvard graduate business student teaching her assistant, the finer nuances of the game called love, both thinking of ways to outdo each other, while seeking each other’s help for the same. What follows is a series of meetings and accidents which of course lead to... no. It’s just a review; I don’t want to spoil your fun if you do happen to watch the movie i.e. if you do get it somehow, because I don’t believe a google search would help. There are some things that I found bizarre though, the guy who is a well educated fellah fell in love with the lady at the very first sight, so why the hell did he have to manipulate her around, teach her the rules of the game as he saw them, only to tell her finally that she could have had anybody. Maybe, that’s what makes the whole script work though, but if it’s for someone like me who has been fed on a diet of cushy English romantic comedies off late, sorry it doesn’t come off. Too late Mr. Robinson, should have thought of something new.
The movie does have some moments when you do connect with characters... maybe the language barrier comes in the way. There’s humour thrown in as well, but again by the time you realise you could have laughed your heart out over what just happened, its scene two. But one thing that I did realise and realise pretty well was, love, feelings, values, heartbreaks, confusions and emotions know no barriers of language or region and they give filmmakers and scriptwriters all across the world good subjects to make movies on. All in all, a nice movie to if you are bored of understanding whatever the character says and lip reading is something you are trying to learn from a long time. On a serious note: There’s a message for someone who is ready to learn from what the movie has to offer.
So, why I review a foreign language (read not even English) movie in my blog? Because, some time back, the thing became really popular in my college with copies being circulated all over the Local Area Network and people recommending it as a must watch to one another. In fact, I’ve been recommended it as one for quite some time now, so when I finally took time off to watch it, I decided I had to review it as well. So, here goes my take on the lady’s efforts to seduce her Mr. Perfect.
A review to the review suggests I have been, not to generous to the movie as some of my friends would expect me to be and so am expecting some innovative comments. Keep watching this space.

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