An addicts's maiden diary entry

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I’ve been blogging for about a month now and what started as a time pass is turning into pretty much, an addiction. A lot of factors have been contributing to blogging becoming an addiction for the laziest of souls such as me. I just finished my third year at college. By the way, I’m wasting my time pursuing engineering at Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat. (Try google earth for further information on where on earth that is!) And coming to fourth year has been like a dream come true. Lots of free time, given, a more than less generous time table. And my empty mind, a.k.a. the devil’s workshop thought of coming up with my own website. The iNFINITY is a step in the same direction. Plus, after coming back to Jaypee, I discovered the college authorities had gone a bit generous on the amount of bandwidth per student that they had been allotting till now, and surfing and uploading content to the net isn’t that much of a challenge anymore. So, the netizen in me decided to make use of whatever new and better the college had to offer this year. Yes, I don’t really feel like sitting with friends and chatting anymore, not that I’ve been a chatterbox of sorts the past three years in college, but why, just don’t know why, the introvert in me seems to be pulling me back into my shell with all his strength, and introverts they say, make the best netizens, and of course the other way around is true as well. But, the biggest factor of them all has been the fact that reading, my other favourite past time has been on the wane ever since I discovered, that I wanted to write and more than that, wanted people to read me.
So here I am, making the best of efforts to post regularly, about things that interest me, things that I think would interest my prospective readers. The visitor count hasn’t been all that superb as yet, the reason I have the ticker hidden from public view ;)
Of course, there are still chains that bind me, shackles that prevent me from being all that regular, the biggest of them being my final year project, something that goes on to decide how much have I actually learnt to be classified as a Bioinformatics student (Yes, that’s the weird field of study I chose sometime back, and if you are like everyone else, who have things like “you’ve a bright future” at the mere mention of my stream of engineering, I’ve just one adjective to describe you: ‘Ill – informed’.)
I’ll be trying to update iNFINITY @ Jaypee label from time to time, just to keep you informed about, new things happening in this new found blogging addict’s real life. cya.

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