"I'm conducting a seminar on multiple personality disorders, and it takes me  forever to fill out the name tags"
  -  Anonymous, for now. Because I could not really ascertain the source
I had read a lot of these, and was desperately waiting for someone to tag me, so that I could do one of my own. So when Akansha tagged me, I could hardly hide my excitement... and yet, it has taken me more than two weeks to post this one... yeah! it really is hard to write about yourself, howsoever well you may be knowing YOU. Here goes - twenty5 random things about me.

1. Music... is life. No more no less. I have song to go with every damn moment of life.

2. I love reading things that don't really make sense... textbooks - I go as far as the foreword, preface and at most the historical basis of a particular chapter, newspapers - I love reading columnists who aren't really read much, and blogs - well most of the people reading this would know... LOL!

3. I'm crazy about... T-Shirts. I could have a hundred in my collection without having actually worn more than 20 of them.

4. I love cycling, and of course, haven't done much of it for the past 4 years. :(

5. I love watching movies - ALONE, and I can cry through any of them - American Pie(s) included! :)

6. I love to eat... Halwa, and I still believe I can make it better than my mom does!

7. I have a flare for... Photgraphy, and I'm waiting for my first paycheck (or as many as it takes) to bring home a Canon SLR.

8. I love celebrating small achievements with monosyllables and fist pumps.

9. My first crush was... an exchange student in school, two years older than me, back in class eight. Wish we had emails back then. I still search the www for her, sometimes. :)

10. One thing / person, I think I always let down - My Guitar / Me, Myself.

11. I wish I had never read... Crime and Punishment.

12. I envy my sister, amog other things, for her... driving skiklls. Man! she's just too good.

13. My favourite stress buster... karaokeing - I do it right before each exam, interview, and 'll make sure to remember that before my first date. :)

14. Three things, I wish, I had started with, much earlier... this blog, (trying) being cool, and (trying) to be fit.

15. Some of my most cherished, peaceful moments - watching mama sleep, a long drive, preferably alone, and trying to write a poem, when I go into a trance.

16. I wish... I could match the sarcasm and speaking skills of Shekhar Suman of Movers and Shakers.

17. Of late, I believe, I have learnt to be patient with things and life in general.

18. I hate myself for... not being the COMPLETE atheist that I have always wanted to be - God comes back into my life's canvas, and, with a bang!

19. I get really, no REALLY excited when I know I have worked hard to achieve something. And when on the d-day - the result is an anti-climax, no, I just keep quiet... the dam just doesn't burst!

20. My favourite hobby of late... designing and styling, and the best part of it - I'm myself the model, more often than not - my recent hairstyles and beards vouch for that.

21. I am a big fan of smart people who fake ignorance and dumbness... the beter they do it, the more I adore them.

22. There are two types of girls that I think exist in the world - cute and not SO cute... Everything else is like an accessory! (Err... Does that reduce my blog's female readership?)

23. I hope (and just that) that friends understood me better.

24. My bucketlist includes - writing a bestseller, going on a world tour with my own band, singing a self composed melody for The One, making a perfect, bugs-free first software - my final year project... and the list goes on.

25. I know there's nothing I can't do- the point is, why just me? I'll have to do it in the end, anyaways! :)

Phew! that was one hell of a job... please people, pour your hearts out about whatever I wrote about myself. And since, I guess I'm the last person to be doing this out of most of the blogs that I frequent, I'm tagging nobody. Do it, if you want to... and if you want an invite, let me know!

Dedicated to: The one who originally thought of this err... seriously vella act.
Listening to: Welcome to My life, Simple Plan

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15 reflected back...:

You want to write a bestseller...that's gr8

I m gonna leave a detail comment later... rushing for my xam right now!

@ Ashish:
writing one some day... that would be great I guess. :)

@ Akansha:
All the best! I'll wait...
btw... do try out karaoke :)

you seem to be a nice dude...hw come you are stuck with wierdos??

@ Anonymous:
I so missed your point there... mind elaborating? ... and if possible telling me who you actually are? ;)

Some of my most cherished, peaceful moments - watching mama sleep,--awwww!!:)

I wish... I could match the sarcasm and speaking skills of Shekhar Suman of Movers and Shakers.
--man!i wish so too!!!:)

nice job there..i agree that its tough to write about your own self,strange yet true!

good!!i had no idea about many of the things u wrote..i guess it will tak more time to know u

@ perturbed perceiver :
thank you! it really is so tough to write about oneself, worse than the 'tell me about yourself' routine we practiced for our placement interviews! lol... but the grade 2 essay on 'myself' was an easier job for sure! ;)

@ isha:
had I written all the things that you already knew, I guess you wouldn't have read through the whole post! ;) n.. u sure are running out on time on knowing me more... better do it quick madame!

yeah right...v surely r running outta time of knowing u better...but I guess Monsieur u gotta give us a chance atleast.... :)

@ Buddy:
Sir, I suppose that was attributed to 'madame'. You know me better than most people do, don't try delving any deeper... Obama's America is waiting ;)

First of all thank you for doing the tag...
1. Well, i luv music too...
2. I do that too... :D
3. I lik t-shirts too, but i do wear them :P
4. Never been a fan!
5. Same pinch!
6. Hame bhi khilao...
7. Hmm... i'll get that a li'l latr!
8.No comments
9. Can I help?
11. why?
12.I envy my brother fr his brains!!!
13.Never really tried!
14.I'm yet to start the third 1!
15. Aww... so sweet!
16. Me too...
17.I m still not!
18.guess I covered this in my tag...
19.same with me...
21. er... why?
22.what am i?
23.I kind of agree...

it was good to know that we have 2 and 5 in common!
halwa made by me... sure, temme where and when!
9. I guess i'll do without help, 'coz I like to see at as a pursuit that's funny and i'll want it to stay ;)
10. bcoz, I could have become a pro at it had I paid a little more heed to my 'inner' voice! and
that's why I feel i have let myself down too!
11. It changed my life forever... I have devleoped this really hapless conscience ever since! :(
19. thank God someone knows how it feels then!
21. they are kinda ppl who yearn for a company of their own... and they very well hate fakers (of the other kind - they are fakers too, in a way)
22. you seem to be the first type (I'm easy at dishing out compliments you see :))

P.S. Do lemme know when you get your SLR...

It will be after you... coz I'm not getting my paycheck anytime before you! :P

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