Another makeover!

I had been thinking of designing a new banner for iNFINITY for quite sometime now. So when I finished with the banner day before, and was about to upload it, I came across this new template at and I just couldn’t resist myself from going for a complete makeover…
Although it took almost three precious hours and a lot of chipped nails, I’m finally satisfied, no happy! with new look that I have managed for THE iNFINITY.

Gives the readers a glimpse of 15 of my latest posts, and the option to read on, if they wish to. There were some other interesting things as well, which of course, you’ll keep discovering as you keep coming back.

Time for the credits:
Evan Eckard, Smashing Magazine, Magznetwork. Thank you all for the beautifully designed template.
A big thanks to Divya Sai for his guidance when I thought I had completely screwed up my blog.

Finally, thank you Sugarrock99 at Deviant Art, for the beautiful picture posted here, which he graciously allowed me, to design into my blog banner.

And with this I have promised myself to go easy on the frequency of redoing my blog from now on… So, hopefully, you should see me posting again on iNFINITY, pretty soon.

P.S: Do let me know, your thoughts and views about this new look.

Dedicated to: People who keep giving away amazing stuff for free!

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8 reflected back...:

the new look is awesome.. looks like i could learn a lot from you.. seeing the frequency of makeovers i have kept coming up with.. the blog looks so creative and yet professional.. a pat on your back..:)

@ the pink orchid:
thank you so much for the praise... I'm flattered! As far as the learning from me part goes... always there to help you out, as much as I can.

Hey really cool one , best job man!!

@ moi:
Thank you so much! :)

Hey its a great template.. indeed a worth for your precious three hours of work :)!

@ Charmed One! :
Thank you so much... esp. for appreciating the worth of my time.

Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog. I hope you do come again to read my posts. Meanwhile, let me dig into your archives.

@ SS:
Thanks for visiting..and twas a pleasure being on your blog... I'll be back soon :)

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