Payback time Mumbai

Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.
- Benjamin Franklin
As I sit down to write this, rather reluctantly, Mumbai, the heart of India is under its worst terrorist siege. Probably worse than the 1993 blasts and rather cunningly planned, the terrorist strikes, including the firings and blasts in the city's best known tourist destinations and commuter railway stations, has exposed our fragility as a nation. It has made the government realise that the average Indian citizen isn't as safe as he thinks. It has brought out the complexities of managing a multicultural society to the fore. It has brought us face to face with the bloody reality of death lurking round the corner. And possibly, it has brought out our worst fears, ones that take root while we are busy watching one of those fictional doomsday movies.

Enough of defensive soul searching I guess. Every me, you and us is tired of it given the security situation in the nation over the last two years. And, given the methods employed by these tyrants, it is time our patience meters began showing red for good. Even a Gandhi would have suggested something radical had he been part of the maddening crowd, that the people of India are.

Mumbai is still burning. It won't continue for long. The city is too strong to be subdued into oblivion by jolts such as these. In the past, what have been pushed into oblivion are the shocks, aftershocks and causes. Maybe, moving on with life had been too high on our priority lists back then. Not any more. 

Haven't we had enough already? Isn't it time to show off the might and more importantly the spirit of the Indian state. To let the tyrants know that if tit for tat is the last resort, it is a foregone conclusion now.  Isn't it time for the self proclaimed rebels to be shown the true sense and spirit of rebellion? If God's will is what they believe they are carrying out by their mean and senseless deeds, aren't we much more God fearing a nation to exhibit our obedience to God?

I see a backlash round the corner... Soon.

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11 reflected back...:

I am not sure if I read your opinion totally right; you are against those terrorist - but you think the government is to blame..??

Personally I think that NEVER EVER violence is the solution.....

And the fact that they even do not know who are behind these actions AND the fact that AGAIN this is some kind of religious thing... Time to forbid any kind of religion..?? No.... but.... what will be the solution..?? I have no idea..... Why can't people just live and let live..??

@ Sjeltur:
That isn't what I exactly mean, the government isn't to be blamed... but its time to become stern and show 'em that they can't just get what they want by holding innocents to ransom.

How can we live by 'Live and Let Live' with the fear of imminent death lurking around all the time. The way they have done it this time around, entering through the 'Gateway of India' and making a mockery words like peace and harmony.
I believe we are past the stage of 'offering the other cheek' and its time to begin stringent cleanup operations.

In fact I am contradicting my own beliefs that I had posted a few days back when I say this (, but that is what yesterday's bloody Wednesday has done to me.

lets relive netaji's army and rock the world...
what say dude?
neways nice post...;)

@ Anonymous:
I guess you got just a bit too carried away... We have the infrastructure and the strategists already in place... just need to use them better.
Anyways, thanx for being a part f d discussion.

gosh...i was so wrong about ur ideas dude....
now i get the reason why i liked ur blog-"cuz i guess i never got the real meaning"
i m soul who is luking for people interested in freeing tis world "bhagat singh, netaji" style...but i guess i m expecting a bit too much from a lazy nation and its old folks...
thank you iNFINITY...

I wrote; "why can't people people just live and let live"... that counts for all the people....

the sad part is; it already got way too far.....

In this case.. the one of the things is.... we (and you) are using the word "they".... seems that we (and you) already know who did this....
But do we...??

@ Anonymous:
I guess you need to read again, and read between the lines. Thanx again.

@ Sjeltur:
Agreed we don't exactly know who did this, but a nation down on patience won't be able to wait too long for someone to owe up. And I don't really suggest that we know who 'they' are... finding 'them' out and eliminating them and their stupid ideas should be a part of the new stringent measures.
Thank you again for keeping the discussion on.

I stress on 'nation' again which is to say that I don't segregate a religion. I believe people from all religions suffer equally.

i could not have agreed more with u Mr. iNFINITY. I mean who so ever is doing this, the ultimate sufferers are the people. during all the rounds of open firing they didn't first ask the victims religion. these people are victims themselves- victims @d hands of fate that they have fallen in such booby traps... i don't feel angry on the terrorists, instead i feel pity on them for being THE GREAT LOSERS.
have a nice day...

Right said buddy! You pretty much got my point.
Thanks for being a part of the discussion.

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