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If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.  
 -Frank A. Clark

Often enough in the past, I have talked about a final year project that I am working on, as part of completion of my Engineering degree. Of all that I learnt in my previous three years at college, one thing was genuinely helpful - Learning may help you to some extent, but there are somethings that you are inherently good at, that come to you naturally, and others, well you can't master them even if you seem to have perfected them within yourself. It stands for my love for guitar, I sure am going to master it one day, sooner than later. And the same fact helped me big time in choosing my final year project, I thought, no I did not, in fact I did not have to think a second time before deciding on what was it, that I wanted to do. And so, I ended up picking up a rather unique project out of the huge offering, a bit or more than that of coding - that is small time software programming for the humans. 

So much for the introduction!

Today happened to be my first rendezvous, with the people who mattered. The faculty members at the helm of deciding my grades for the hard work, or the lack of it, that I am putting in. You don't expect encouragement in real life assignments from anyone in today's competitive world and my expectations from my own teachers were no aberrations. But, then like everything in life over the past two months or so, they surpassed all my expectations. The way, they questioned and cross questioned me and my buddy over non existing issues and overlooked the substantial facts and to some degree, innovative ideas, made me, well, smile in noesis! That, seriously, was all I could do, to the futile attempts of some of the most learned men, that I know around me, to make me think that I had chosen the wrong approach, or an altogether wrong topic of research. 

My response to  the first meeting? 

We still have 3 more rounds to go, and its one love to my opponents, if they want to be categorized as that. Game On!     

Dedicated to: Greenday

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2 reflected back...:

Are you sure, you are factually correct or just trying to be politically correct, when you refer to your teachers as 'some of the most learned men around'? Nice piece of modern art though!

them being teachers, and me being an Indian, I have to say I am factually correct with my statement... but there's that slight undercurrent of necessary political correctness that you could expect out of a student.
keen observation I must say!

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