To show it... and how?

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Almost always, people, when faced with similar circumstances as I had been in the past respond better and if not that, they at least express themselves better for sure. A friend walks up to me and I observe that  his hairstyle for the day makes him stand out, with those wet spikes and the likes. And yet, I fail to complement him, or even point out the fact that he looks different with the new hairdo. And a day later, or even at that very instant, the same guy complements me for unkempt bush of curls, which I know, as well as anybody else, do not look civilized, in the least.

And its not just complements that I feel I fail to reciprocate. When in a fix, I always get words of sympathy or good advice from fellow beings, and though I am one to stay on course for disaster, no words of advice withstanding, in hindsight, the advice or sympathetic attitude feels good, more often than not. And when its my turn to be on the other side of the hedge, its a mess that I make of the good work that I seem to be doing, because I either don't offer advice at all, or offer it in words, that feel too good to be comforting.  

The 'why' part of my story is a dishy irony in itself. I believe I know the reasons, and am even good enough to work on them and get rid of my perceived shortcoming. But again, I find myself wanting when I try to explain the problem to myself. Not being expressive has its shares of troubles you see!

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2 reflected back...:

kindly explain wat u write.....its too heavy to handle everytym.....

some of readers want me to write short... some of the 'readers' want me to write a detailed explanation... and I believe they are both SAME!
its kind of difficult to cater to everyone's taste. But I'll still try for sure..
thanx 4 reading

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