Sorry, Not My Cup of Tea

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I once read somewhere that when told intelligently, from the right perspective, truth comes out to be stranger than fiction. I believe it is always true, the fore conditions not applying i.e.
A few days back, I began with this experiment on iNFINITY, where I started writing a short story, an episodic trail, under TailPiece. And I must admit before I continue, I am bad at telling stories. But, I did have a plot in mind, and some really occupying ideas to go with it, so I decided to continue, and thus started The Masterpiece. It has had four parts written, in the weeks that have followed since the beginning, and I may say that it is the most boring and lackluster thing about iNFINITY up until now, something that even I don't look forward to posting with eyes wide open and fingers working frantically on the keyboard. The readers's response as expected, has been non-existent, with no comments or even questions from my friends. And it is not,as if I am short on ideas on what direction to give my story from here on. I always find myself with four good out of nine odd options to mould the tale, but the more I think about going a particular way, the more I find myself becoming blase with that particular turn, because, maybe I just weigh the next situation too much, or just because, I feel the reader will not find anything new in this rather long familiar 'novelty'. And that is it, I hit the wall, not knowing, where to go next.
And now picture this, I write about something that concerns me, you or us. Something that is closer to the truth than fiction is, and I can go on writing for as long as one can count and more. And I do not even have to think about dishing it out on a platter, even a paper plate would do!
Agreed, even that does not make iNFINITY, one of the best reads on the www, but then it does get read and acclaimed critically. And all this,because, I am talking about something that did happen, something that you already knew about and would like to know about again, from a different perspective, or would like to know about just because you know nothing about it.
That reminds me of a short story by Saki that I once read as part of my literature text in school. It was called 'The Face On The Wall'. The writer, also the narrator through a greater part of the story masquerades a rather shabby work of fiction as something that happened to him in the recent past. And that keeps the rest of his listeners, even us the readers, glued to the edge of our seats, only to know later, that we had been victim to some real intelligent chicanery by the narrator.
That does not mean I would be giving up on contributing to TailPiece in the near future, or resort to Saki like tactics to make my story sell (read in this case!), but yes, I surely have developed a doubt in my mind about being able to write fiction, and simultaneously, have developed a higher respect for the Tolostoys and Bhagats of our time. For now, I believe that fiction is just not my cup of tea.

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