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Bloggers are supposed to be expresive people, keen to not just put their thoughts into ink (OK its more of print), but also share them with people. So, do I entirely fit into that category? Not quite, at least that's what I suppose. I am not the most expressive of the individuals that God sent into the world, at least not when talking to someone persoanally. And that's where I do get into trouble most of the times, the latest one being Friendship Day. Yeah, I'm not good at remembering days and this one had me searching all over the net, why it always falls on a Sunday, until I found out why! The first person that I called up, happened to be the last too, because in the course of the 'wish you a happy friendship day conversation', I figured out I didn't have anything substantial to say. Move on to text messages, and I realised that I had been sending pretty much of crap to all my friends (if it wasn't something that had been forwared to me that I was forwarding too). That's when i decided that the right platform to wish buddies I feel privileged to have in my life would be iNFINITY. (yeah yeah I know most of you people read my blog curiosity, pestetring or whatever ;) )And here go the personal greetings to all you people... figure out for yourself.
_, when I am on cloud no. 9 and fall to the ground with a thud, it is you that I remember and sooner than later, I'm going to stand up for myself and make myself counted in my life and other's Nice to have someone who gave me one of the premier goals in my life. _ _ _
_, when I am just about on the verge of going mad, thinking how harsh life has been to me, I remeber you, and (selfishly rather) thank Him. A social worker is always nice to have as a friend, and better still, if it is a one man NGO! _ _ _
_, I know our views about things never ever seem to be the same, but that, is the beauty of it all, we pursue life and destiny together with our own philosophy in mind. Hope you grow a better French beard than me when we next get to meet. _ _ _
_, I always thought I was innovative, until I met you. People, things, ways, maths, music, and gifts. You seem to have your way with all of them. Just love the sheer sincerity with which you paln and implement secret endeavours. America's hot property man plus they don't yet have their own BBC, so I dearly wish you parcel me my next friendship day gift from the US of A! _ _ _
_, First impression is the last impression in every case except your's. A dumbo could be this smart and intelligent, was news to me and so were so many other facts that I always knew and seemed to ignore. And, I almost always thank you before the teachers for my grades. _ _ _
_, I hate infiltrators and you are no exception to the rule. But somehow, just about, you seem to be someone that I can identify myself so much with and that's why you figure in here. Beware, you still remain a refugee! _ _ _
_, when someone rates you 3 on 10 on a certain stupid criteria, its not the end of the world. Move on. I've never known how's life for IM addicts if they get placed in a call center, but I'm sure if its going to be half as exciting as this, I am game. What about you? _ _ _
_, some freindships are rather inexplicable, a sedate beginning, a quiet proceeding, and yet you do keep on hoping there's just no end to it. And that's what I hope for when I think about the angel I'm sending out these wishes for. _ _ _
_, If you are a junior at college and good at leg pulling, you don't make recipe for a friend, or maybe you make the best one? For the guy with a nice cellphone. _ _ _
_, You love having friends having expertise in troubleshooting, but what if they are help for nyone but you? Still buddy, whatever I've learnt from you is far more than I could have done on my own. _ _ _
_, for the the one and only true genius that I personally know, you are my inspiration and pillar of strength. Just that ;). _ _ _
The _ _ _ ? Well, its, shorthand for Happy Friendship Day! Hey! No senti stuff in here. And if I could think of a dedication for all you, it would be the Friends theme song by Rembrants. Please do play it for yourselves all of you.

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saale oont ki... itna kab se likne laga tu?
Awesome style bhratashri...
kayal ho gaye!

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