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India finally shot gold at the Olympics, and the first individual one. It took 8 long long years from Leander Paes's Bronze at Atlanta to Rajyavardhan Rathore's Silver at Athens, but the transition from Silver to Gold has been rather quick, and we have found are gold digger in none other than Abhinav Bindra, who at least for me had been a choker, up until now. For a start, this achievement will ensure a few things. One, we will get to see India at a higher position in the medals tally than we have been used to seeing. Two, shooters, whatsoever they shoot with, will start getting recognition. And last but not the least, India will finally have a gold medal to show off, after a long, long time.
The last time that happened was at the Rome Olympics 1980, when the Indian Men's Hockey Team won a medal for the last time.
On to Abhinav Bindra for now...
He has already been awarded the highest award for sporting excellence in the country, The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, after his magic double gold medal winning feat at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, but then had disappointed a little too much after that, at the Athens Olympics and the World Cups.
No more of that, you can bask in the glory of your win man, something that has done us all proud as Indians.
For the record, the 25-year-old, who qualified fourth for the event, shot an overall score of (596+104.5) 700.5 in a thrilling finale which went right to the last shot, only for his Chinese competitor to loose.
And here's what the very first quotes coming from China, attributed to the gold digger himself read like: " Life will go on. Gold is alright" Just that? Maybe, he's a bit more than just human.
Here's an excerpt from his own blog written on August the 7th, a few days before.

"Today is my day off and so i am going to spend some time soaking in the village and actually getting my mind to do something it has never done before.... NOT THINK ABOUT SHOOTING!!!
So instead of thinking about shooting perfect bulls eyes... today i am going to think of the pretty women in the village, the weather, the great city of Beijing and whatever else pops into my mind will be allowed to stay as long it doesn't involve the words "rifle", "shooting" in it.... hey all it is a great time to be an athlete and this event is what we all live for.....

Read more here.

And to think he is the Gold medal winner already, is a big icing on his Olympic cake.

The lad flies back home Thursday, and as is usually the case, praise has started pouring in from all quarters, ironically on a day when the Indian cricket team has lost a test series to Sri Lanka. Nothing new about it except for the fact that, India seemed to have forgotten the art of playing spin, something that has been known to be their forte. Time for a new beginning maybe? Not reading too much into it for now though, just a big CONGRATS for Abhinav Bindra.
And yes, the Indian Railway Minister has announced a free travel pass for the new found hero! Will he ever need it, is another story.

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