A blessing in disguise

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Today's post is not about something intense. But then it is not about nothing.
It is exam time in my university, that important time of the semester, when you go grade hunting! OK, I believe it starts much earlier than that, but then it is the creative commons that I write for. So what is so special about test time that I decide to waste a whole page for that, just that. Nothing, save the fact, that I caught a cold, and a real bad one at that...
Now the flue might be the most harmless of ailments, but it certainly is one of the most painful. Don't agree? Ask my nose for God's sake. Its sore as hell and won't let me look down so that I could read my texts. Which brings me to the post's title. I am not one of the most studious people around and to re frame it as "i hate to study", would be bit of an understatement. So what does nature do? It sends me its choicest specimens of the flue microbe, and here I am... done for the week. Enjoying a bit of Linkin Park and Jagjit Singh on and off and thinking of weird excuses to make for my now, seemingly, screwed up grades.
But a bit of surfing the www tells me I am not the only one who just about goes mad at the strike of flue season. There are other people too and here is one of them...As you people choose your adjectives (mine by the way is innovative), I have got something else.
This is what I read about cold from a techie's point of view in a Lifestyle [?] magazine.

"Having a cold isn’t bad for you. It’s your bodies way of refreshing your system for the cold weather period. It may sound stupid but it’s like when you reboot your machine after installing something. That’s why there is no cure for the common cold, cause there is nothing to cure. Yeah sure vitamins and stuff help, but they’re not really curing anything, they’re just better for you to have than not. Cold remedies just clear your nose so its easier for you to get through the day and sleep etc. Whereas having the flu is a fever generally brought upon by a common fever or bug, in that its a foreign germ in your system. Like a virus on a PC. OMG! See we are in The Matrix after all. Hang on, that black cat just walked past again.”

But the best of them all, that beats all efforts by pharmaceutical companies and doctors to advertise and sell their wares is something i just tend to remember from an old joke book, that happened to find its way in to my father's collection as a complimentary copy from a pharmaceutical major's medical representative.

“If you take care of yourself, when you have a cold, you will probably have it for about 10 days… and if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have it for a week and a half…”

That is it. i have a cold, and I am not complaining.
Wish my mom read my blog!

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2 reflected back...:

u r addicted to this habit of shows...u jus write...coz u want matter wat the topic or the text be!

you bet I am! I write for the love of writing, not as much for a cause...

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