Sachin... he still rules hearts

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The results of only the second poll on infinity are out. And there are some surprises and some pretty much obvious facts that I need to state. The blog readership is going down. Just seven people voted for this time's poll, which is a drop howsoever high or low it might be. I have tried some new things, the makeover being a part of it, and to say that it hasn't bore fruits yet, would be stating the obvious on a cozy platter.
The surprise part of the pole... Sachin Tendulkar still rules cricket lover's hearts. In a clean sweep for the negative option all the people candidly stated that legends like Sachin Tendulkar, are all time heroes, who don't have a shelf-life to decide their saleability. Looks like Pepsi should have conducted its own survey before making the decision to not extend any further, its contract with the little master. All the same, one party's loss could be another's gain, imagine Sachin campaigning against aerated drinks for Baba Ramdev's yoga society. Nice idea... any takers?

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