Aye I say... Manmohan's through.

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The result of the vote for the confidence motion moved in the lower house of the parliament, by Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh is out. And if one goes by the words of the genteel legislative, a majority of members has expressed confidence in the council of ministers. To say it in the layman's terminology, Congress will rule for some more time or maybe more than that.
The consequences of this vindication of trust by a majority of MPs(it was a slight one, with 275 voting in favour as against the required 272) will be seen in coming days in bits and pieces. Mulayam Singh and his grand saviour party might get a huge chunk of favour from the UPA government, the government will go ahead rather swiftly with some of its policies that had been biting the dust, form a long time, due to an unwanted Left hand, and maybe just maybe, 123 will finally be a deal.
But for now, I come back to add to my yesterday's post, when I had said that the PM's confidence in himself and in his council of ministers for that matter was commendable. Was it just the confidence that people understood him and his government's policies, when he raised prices of essential commodities or went to Bush to exchange ideas and much more or was it because he knew well enough that the numbers had been acquired by crook, by his ever so dependable team and he needn't worry whether he'd be able to come back to office to work or pack his wares. Never has Manmohan Singh been as calm and relaxed as he was on the day of the confidence motion except for maybe when congress was in the opposition and he was cooling his heals as a Rajya Sabha MP.
All said and done, the vote proved for the umpteenth time that when it comes to confidence motions congress governments seem to possess just the right mix of luck and skills to see them through. A factor that has seen many non congress governments bite the dust, even by a single vote as was the case with Vajpayee.
For the record books, Manmohan Singh became the first non-sitting MP to win the trust vote in the lower house of the parliament as the PM. There were some nostalgic moments too, when Rahul Gandhi stood up to speak and defend, and one was reminded of his charismatic father and just do it Grandmother, both of whom, had displayed quite dissimilar means of speaking in the Parliament, but all the same, had been able to shut up all their detractors. Gandhi junior's moment will come, and that is probably what keeps me hooked to Indian Politics, the lone reason I find Politics a topic worthwhile of being discussed at iNFINITY. For now, let the PM and probably the UPA as well, bask in the glory of their respective victories.

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